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Best Acai in Oahu

Best Acai bowl in Oahu, Hawaii! And they have some pretty tough competition! In Hawaii, everywhere you go you can make sure you’ll find an amazing smoothie bowl shack, not shack as in roughly build…

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Hello! Hoping to get to know you better – Vlog 1

I put myself in a bit of a tricky situation writing the description to my latest youtube video…. ´for more information go to´and realized I hadn´t finished this post! Apologize for any typos that might…

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How to beat JET LAG

Have you ever been that tired that it feels like you´re walking around like one of the zombies from The Walking Dead, snap at someone for no reason or fall asleep at the dinner table?…

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Yosemite Top 5

Fourth weeks of government shutdown I wanted to share this blog post that has been in my drafts ´things-that-I-need-to-finnish´ folder for way too long. Read more about what you can do to help during the…

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Airplane Wreck Iceland

After posting my recent photo on Instagram @pilotmaria I received a lot of comments and DMs, especially after sharing my story with the naked dude…..yes naked man. So I thought of sharing this story, as…

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