I often get asked the question if I fly a certain route, or what my most flown destinations are. I am Based on the Mediterranean’s biggest island, Sicily, I fly mostly domestic flights within Italy. I know all of Rome Fiumicino’s arrivals by heart and the clearances even before they are given ´After Roma VOR fly heading 315 degrees reduce speed 230 kts´ ´speed already 230 turning left 315 degrees’! Ha-ha and if you have ever flown from Milan to Palermo it’s pretty likely that I was your pilot.
In total, I have flown to about 150 airports off the top of my head. I have 85 destinations in the Boeing 737 mostly in Europe, from Stockholm in the North to Tenerife in the South. During my training, I had around 50 pins that I flew in Cessna 152, 172, Piper 28, Diamond 20, 40 and the Gulfstream, GA7.
My favorite airport so far is Port Elizabeth in South Africa, Annie and I from flight training spent a couple of weeks flying in South Africa to build up our hours. Port Elizabeth has an amazing approach over the coastline at the same time it is rather challenging, having the nickname “The Windy City” definitely put our PPL (Private Pilot License) to the test. We had just passed our check ride and had little idea what we were doing when we decided to get on an Airbus 340 and fly to SA. It is not just the airport itself that put it on top of my list but the great memories I have of visiting this place twice during my Cessna “road trip” around the county back in 2010, I would love to go back sometime.
In Europe, not wanting to sound cheesy… BUT, it’s actually Palermo. For me, the VOR approach to runway 07 is just amazing! You fly a so-called DME ARC and as you turn left to intercept inbound radial 065 you have the island on your right-hand side and the runway in front of you the sunset in your back reflecting its red colors on the mountain adjacent to the airport, it is just magic! Not even after being based here for two and a half years and probably an after a couple of hundred landings on this runway, I still don’t tire of this view.
An airport that is still on my bucket list to land on is Gibraltar, often categorized as one of the world’s most risky runways because of the road that goes straight through the runway, before arrival they close the road, but after landing, people and cars can freely cross the runway again.
What is your favorite or your dream airport to land at?
Here are some pictures, a blast from the past – South Africa! (first picture Palermo though and it´s red sunsets reflections)
xx Maria
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I was one of the very first to try the new GoPro Hero 6, long before it was out on the market. It was back in June when the GoPro team contacted me and asked me if I wanted to try the new camera, I absolutely LOVE it, I’ve been dying to share this with you!
I have been a GoPro user since the Hero 3 came out and long before I was a GoPro Family member. I dropped my Hero 3 so many times that it stopped working, that was when I bought my Hero 4 and since Hero 5 came out I’ve been a ´Family Member´.
You can only imagine what an honor it was when Joanna and Erin from GoPro asked me if I wanted to beta test the new Hero 6. In June I signed an NDA and sat on a Skype call with Erin from GoPro who explained the new features and said that I was free to test it and check out the new features.
Usually, before I buy a new product I will always google information about it, I read reviews and also try to check out ´unpacking tutorials´ on Youtube. But what do you do when you have the product in your hands long before anyone else before any tutorials or manuals are available?
Visually the Hero 5 and Hero 6 are identical, if you look carefully you can see that it says Hero 6 on one and Hero 5 on the other.
Some of my favorite new features, however, are the support of taking RAW photos and on the Hero 6, you can also do that in ´Time Lapse´ mode. I use the Time Lapse photo setting almost every time I take pictures to make sure that I don’t miss anything, to be able to have it in Time Lapse and RAW is absolutely perfect for me as it gives me more editing possibilities afterward! A Big Thumbs Up!!
Hero 6 has zooming capability also. Finally!! I know a lot of you have asked for that. The slow-motion capabilities are just amazing, you can capture 60fps in 4K, 120fps in 2.7K and 240fps in 1080!! 6 and Hero 5 are also waterproof without a housing, you have no idea how many times I have almost jumped in the water with my Hero 4 and forgot to change to the waterproof housing! Haha, this is definitely a lifesaver! 
Right now I’m at the Hero 6 release and learning everything about the new camera if you have any questions about the new camera that you want me to find out let me know!
xx Maria



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Tropic Ocean Airways

1100 Lee Wagener Blvd

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315, USA


It was my first time in a seaplane and a new obsession was born, combining my two favorite elements, Air, and Water!  

First of all, I would like to thank @flytropic for this flight experience, getting us airborne from the seaplane harbor in the middle of Miami and to Melany Rosales @pilotmelany for organizing everything! I can´t wait to see you at your Aviation event in Fort Lauderdale on November 11th this year, you rock girl! (link to event)

I met up with Melany (@pilotmelany) Kristina (@krisandreu) and Mariah (@mariah_on_fiyyaah) and together we drove to the seaplane harbor in Miami for our first ever seaplane adventure!

It was insane to feel the aircraft accelerating as we got airborne using the river as our runway, right next to all the big cruise ships boarding their passengers ready to leave Miami for the Caribbean.

It was definitely an experience I want to experience again and a big thumbs up to the super friendly pilots showing us Miami like we have never seen it before.




www.aviationclothing.com to read more about the Aviation event in November.


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It’s my first visit to Austria’s capital and I wish I could have stayed longer, the purpose of the trip is still confidential, but I cannot wait until I finally get to share with you the exciting news of the secret project that I was in Vienna to shoot!

My manager Kirsty flew in from Los Angeles and me from Palermo. The first day we worked a 12 hours+ day, it was non-stop but I had so much fun that it was easy to forget that it was actually a working day and the twelve hours flew by in a flash. Later in the evening the whole team from the shoot had dinner and together we were over twenty people, twenty new friends in my life 🙂

My flight back to Palermo did not leave until later in the afternoon the following day, Kirsty was so sweet and changed her ticket to London from the morning to the afternoon so we could explore Vienna together.

We started the day with breakfast at our hotel, The Guest House @the_guesthouse_vienna – shortly after we indulged, upping our sugar intake by sampling the iconic Sacher Cake, from Cafe Sacher, a classic and a ‘must try’ when visiting Vienna.

I got super excited when Kirsty told me that she had been in contact with The Spanish Riding School (link) in Vienna and they offered to give us a private tour around the stables. We met ‘Kitty’ one of their 72 Lipizzaner Stallions. Did you know that Lipizzaner horses are dark gray at a young age and change to a lighter white coat the older they become. Only one in one hundred remains dark and it is said that those who remain dark in colour bring good luck to the stables. The school in Vienna was founded in 1572 and is the oldest of its kind, the training for the ‘master riders’ takes over 10 years! Thank you, Andrea Kerssenbrock and Markus Nowotny for taking the time to meet us and for showing us around!

I could have spent days in Vienna and still not have seen everything, I appreciate all of the tips which you sent to me about what I absolutely should not miss. Despite the pouring rain we still managed to fit lots in, but the next time I go back I will try to stay longer so that I can explore all that Vienna has to offer.

Charla Carter, @charlactr from the styling team (styling team from the secret mission Kirsty and I were on ;)) and Charlotte Neuwels @charlotteneuwels were so generous to let me borrow some of the outfits we ended up not using for the shoot so I could feel fashionable while strolling the streets of Vienna!

The first outfit is a body from School Rag @school_rag and imitation leather pants from @topshop

The second outfit is an absolute dream skirt from Elie Saab @eliesaabworld together with a white shirt from Caroll and an chic striped overcoat from Zara @zara.

Let me know if you have any questions about anything mentioned in this blog post and please leave a comment on what I should see on my next visit to Vienna!

Maria xo


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I left Sicily 6.30, Thursday morning 8th June, almost 24 hours later I finally arrived at South Beach and checked into the beautiful boutique hotel Washington Park Hotel @wphsouthbeach Located just a few blocks from the ocean, free Tuc Tuc ride down to the beach for the really lazy days or free bike rental when you want to explore the city. The atmosphere when arriving a Thursday night was absolutely amazing, a crowd from all ages were having dinner and drinks at the new restaurant Employees Only I would have loved to join but I was way to tired and went straight to bed after a visit at Whole Food a few blocks from the hotel.


Day 1 Friday I was so excited to meet up with my friend Emilie @Emiliepix who I know from @Instasgram It felt like we’ve known each other forever and we had so much to talk about! We spent all Friday together. She took me to some of her favorite restaurants in Miami. My favorite being Lilikoi with the friendliest staff and best Organic food in South Beach!
Day 2 I met with friend and photographer www.troybflying.com @troybeflying that I have known through Instagram for more than a year. We spent the day at sea with some friends of Troys boating up Jupiter, and photographed for his new photo project, where he has influencers and models wearing his first fighter pilot helmet owned.



Day 3! My best friends @flymalin and @mariathepilot flew into Miami! Later that day, @kirstywilliams from Los Angeles and @pete_ohara from Toronto landed and the whole crew was gathered! It would come to be two crazy days ahead of us! But before all planning, shooting and running around we had dinner at SohoBeachHouse and their fish tacos was to die for, so good!!


Day 4 How to film a whole commercial one day and forget all what sleep is! I will post the result on my Instagram Tuesday 27th of June, hope you will like it, I can´t wait to see the finished result, Pete is editing it right now, so excited! In the evening we had fitting for tomorrow’s shoot with elle.com @elleus together with Carreraworld.com @Carrera



Day 5 Elle shoot in collaboration with Carrera sunglasses! What an experience, 12:00 Tuesday the 13th we met at execuflight.com hangar at Fort Lauderdale airport. A team of fifteen, producers, art directors, photographers, make up, hair –  it felt completely surreal, but what an experience! Both Malin, Maria and I had so much fun! Obviously we are all new at this and are no models, but the crew was so professional and nice and made us all feel comfortable in our new position. I can not say or show more from this day yet, but I promise to let you know soon as it is published on elle.com


Day 6, last day with the crew. Everyone took different flights back home, besides me who was stuck with an ear infections and a no-fly order from the doctors. There are worst places to be stuck in than Miami …. 😉 For breakfast that day we went to juiceandjavasouthbeach.com I had a Salmon – Avocado burger, fruit smoothie and a coffee, it was dream!! So good that I came back the very next day!



I said goodbye to Malin and Maria and the next day I met up with Dustin @aircrewlife and yet again I thank Instagram for connecting! Left Miami a week later with unforgettable memories and new friendships for life.



Last, but definitely not least, Thank You knowroaming.com for keeping me connected with the world though my whole stay in Miami! You´re the best!


xx Maria
Thank you Kirsty 🙂 @kirstywilliams

Written by Maria Pettersson

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