It’s my first visit to Austria’s capital and I wish I could have stayed longer, the purpose of the trip is still confidential, but I cannot wait until I finally get to share with you the exciting news of the secret project that I was in Vienna to shoot!

My manager Kirsty flew in from Los Angeles and me from Palermo. The first day we worked a 12 hours+ day, it was non-stop but I had so much fun that it was easy to forget that it was actually a working day and the twelve hours flew by in a flash. Later in the evening the whole team from the shoot had dinner and together we were over twenty people, twenty new friends in my life 🙂

My flight back to Palermo did not leave until later in the afternoon the following day, Kirsty was so sweet and changed her ticket to London from the morning to the afternoon so we could explore Vienna together.

We started the day with breakfast at our hotel, The Guest House @the_guesthouse_vienna – shortly after we indulged, upping our sugar intake by sampling the iconic Sacher Cake, from Cafe Sacher, a classic and a ‘must try’ when visiting Vienna.

I got super excited when Kirsty told me that she had been in contact with The Spanish Riding School (link) in Vienna and they offered to give us a private tour around the stables. We met ‘Kitty’ one of their 72 Lipizzaner Stallions. Did you know that Lipizzaner horses are dark gray at a young age and change to a lighter white coat the older they become. Only one in one hundred remains dark and it is said that those who remain dark in colour bring good luck to the stables. The school in Vienna was founded in 1572 and is the oldest of its kind, the training for the ‘master riders’ takes over 10 years! Thank you, Andrea Kerssenbrock and Markus Nowotny for taking the time to meet us and for showing us around!

I could have spent days in Vienna and still not have seen everything, I appreciate all of the tips which you sent to me about what I absolutely should not miss. Despite the pouring rain we still managed to fit lots in, but the next time I go back I will try to stay longer so that I can explore all that Vienna has to offer.

Charla Carter, @charlactr from the styling team (styling team from the secret mission Kirsty and I were on ;)) and Charlotte Neuwels @charlotteneuwels were so generous to let me borrow some of the outfits we ended up not using for the shoot so I could feel fashionable while strolling the streets of Vienna!

The first outfit is a body from School Rag @school_rag and imitation leather pants from @topshop

The second outfit is an absolute dream skirt from Elie Saab @eliesaabworld together with a white shirt from Caroll and an chic striped overcoat from Zara @zara.

Let me know if you have any questions about anything mentioned in this blog post and please leave a comment on what I should see on my next visit to Vienna!

Maria xo


Written by me

Edited by Kirsty Williams, you are the best!!

-this post contains  adlinks-

I really loved reading all your comments and questions following my first fashion blog from London last month – like any girl, I really do love clothes, its just with so much of my time either spent in my pilots uniform at 36,000ft or my bikini on my days off out on my SUP on the water, I don’t always get to show off my favourite fashion trends and personal style. I hope that you enjoy my London Fashion Blog Part 2 🙂

This first look was on the street in front of the beautiful pastil coloured terraced houses that we first shot on in the morning, we were dodging the rain showers by hiding in the car for 10 mins between different looks, good ol’ British Summer time!! I absolutely loved this look – the dungaree shorts, white top and mustard coloured jacket were all from @FreePeople and I paired them with the white sneakers from @frenchconnection – I love the jacket, its so soft and adds a really great pop of colour to the outfit.

London showed us its best side after lunch, between the rain showers (it is the UK after all haha), the sun was shining and it was nice and warm, and @kariskennedyphotography found some great locations for us to shoot around SW London. I loved this street in Kensington with the big Victoria stucco fronted houses and hotels. I went for more of an ‘evening look’ with these black skinny jeans and grey t-shirt, with the slogan `Never stop Dreaming` both from @FrenchConnection, paired with these gorgeous, but very high, black stiletto heels and matching black clutch bag from Diesel.

What I always have loved the most with London, is all its green spaces and cute city parks, where you can escape the city pace and relax for a while. We found this park in front of a church in South Kensington. I loved this maroon ‘boho-chic’ dress from @freepeople which I wore with my favourite biker boots from @diesel.
For my final look of the day I wanted to try a slightly more dressed up ’evening-wear look’ rather than going for a dress I found this perfect silk jumpsuit from Diesel that I also wore with the black leather stilettos from the previous look. You could wear the jumpsuit as a casual day outfit with some flat black brogues but I chose to put on my Bobbi Brown `Luxe Lip Color` in the color `Sunset Orange`( making this the perfect look for a night out.
I got to know London again and although I only stayed in the city for one day all my old memories came back and I’m already looking forward to coming back to the city again this fall.

Thank you  @kirstyrwilliams and @laurenshergs from @insanityhq for organizing this day and putting together new looks for my look book!

Thank You to:


xx Maria 

Written by me
Edited by Kirsty Williams


It’s hard to believe that I once lived in this city, even though I often travel through London, I feel like it has changed so much since I lived there.

My alarm woke me up at 7:45 am (a little later than it should have, whoops!). I was staying at Citizen M hotel in Shoreditch, just five minutes from Liverpool St station. A cute, modern hotel, perfectly located with the comfiest of pillows and cute personal touches.

Twenty minutes later I was in an Uber on my way to Estee Lauder’s HQ in Fitzrovia, London. The building is brand new and is the HQ for so many iconic brands under the Estee Lauder ‘umbrella’… Jo Malone, MAC, Clinique, not to mention @aveda and @bobbibrownuk whom were on hand to provide me with hair and makeup from their super glam squad – @tinker_jade who tussled my hair and the super cute @jenniferbergerx at the Bobbi Brown counter at John Lewis on Oxford Street, who made sure my makeup was flawless and ready for a long shoot day ahead.

Kirsty (my manager) and I met with Karis @kariskennedyphotography and @jrk_videography to shoot new fall looks with some of my favourite fashion brands including @diesel @frenchconnection and @freepeople – Karis and Jack had asked us to meet them at this little cul-de-sac street off the Kings Road – it was the perfect location, with cute pastil coloured terraced houses. Each house providing the perfect backdrop, apparently the neighbours are so use to ‘bloggers’ shooting outside their houses that they even come out and offer advice for lighting and camera angles – haha!

This dress from @Diesel is my absolute favorite! I paired it with a pair of block-heeled ankle boots, also from Diesel and a cross body bag from the accessories brand @FolliFollie – I would also wear this dress with black opaque tights in the winter, with my Mango leather jacket and a chic scarf, so I’d like to think it will work for me for every season! The perfect versatile dress! (Link to shop yours)


This second look is also from Diesel and anyone who knows me, will know just how much I love pastel colours, this jacket is made of dreams! It wasn’t until I got home (and tried on everything again for my own fashion show!) that I realized that it was reversible! Two jackets, one price! #winning!! (link to get yours)

This whole look is from @FrenchConnection. These white sneakers, together with skinny white jeans and this blue and white striped shirt which I knotted at the side, as its quite long, would be the perfect outfit for a chilled brunch with friends or for shopping on a sunny Saturday in London, or whichever cool city you find yourself in! (link to get yours)

The green dress from @freepeople I chose to pair with the biker boots from @diesel – I love the cute look of a short dress mixed with a tougher biker boot, it really suits my style and makes an otherwise quite dressy look more suitable for daytime. The sun FINALLY came out, so I put on my sunglasses from @taylormorisldn and throw on my favourite leather jacket from @mango

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and I look forward to reading any questions or comments you may have. I will be following it up with Part 2 next week 🙂


Photographer – @kariskennedyphotographer

Videographer – @jrk_videography

Hair – @tinker_jade using @avedauk

Makeup – @jenniferbergerx using @bobbibrownuk

Styling – @kirstyrwilliams and @laurenshergs


xx Maria


Written by Maria Pettersson

Edited by Kirsty Williams

You can only imagine how big this opportunity was for us and how excited we were when Kirsty, my manager emailed to discuss a partnership with Carrera for Elle USA! Elle is one of the world’s biggest fashion magazine and I grew up reading Elle and I still consider myself to be a faithful reader. I never miss an issue, for me this was a BIG deal!

And to add to the excitement of getting to shoot with a full team from Elle, one of my absolute  idols (ok, heartthrobs!) Jared Leto, the lead singer in `30 seconds to Mars’ is also an ambassador for Carrera sunglasses, who had asked us to join them for the shoot. This made it even more special, almost like Jared and I are destined to become best buddies, ha-ha, joking (not joking!)

It’s an honor to represent female aviators around the world, but it’s not just about being a woman and flying an airplane. The article presented to us, which we would be involved in, was around the subject of “Breaking Barriers” and taking risks, daring to dream and make reality of what you thought was impossible. I’d love to see more women in aviation and I hope I can inspire through my Instagram account to increase the current 5% quota.

We were picked up at our hotel, the WPHSouthBeach, by our private driver (how fancy is that!! haha) and then we drove to Fort Lauderdale airport to the Execuflight hangar, the location for our photo shoot.

This was nothing I had experienced before, can you believe that there were a total of 18 professionals here for us?! It was absolutely unreal, we had a makeup artist, a hairstylist, a stylist, photographer @jasonkimphoto, assistants, plus the editorial team and producers from Elle. I had never considered exactly just how many people were involved in creating these fashion stories for Elle, that I have been enjoying for so many years!! It was insane from the second we walked into the hanger, but in a good way!

Spending the day on set with the team was long and at times pushed me out of my comfort zone, but it was incredibly fun. Even standing in front of the camera, sweating in the Miami humidity, whilst trying to look cool as ice! The whole experience gave me a complete new respect for how models make this their full time jobs, you assume it to be glamorous and easy, but it really is anything but. Luckily Jason Kim the photographer was a complete pro, and made the girls and I feel totally at ease and comfortable, with him behind the camera.

I loved the first pair of Carrera sunglasses with the classic “Aviator” design, which I got to model whilst wearing my pilot uniform. I love my pilot uniform and when I put it on, I enter the role of ‘professional pilot’, First Officer Pettersson, who flies 200 passengers in a Boeing 737 at 38.000 feet to their destination somewhere in Europe. But it also makes it difficult for me to relax in front of the camera, because this outfit has such a professional association for me.

In this picture I am wearing Carrera Sunglasses $149 from, Jacket and trousers from $375 and $425 – which is probably the most expensive thing I’ve ever worn, I have to admit I was terrified to spill coffee all over the outfit, which would have been just typical of me, haha!

At 10pm that evening, our driver (still so fancy) picked us up and drove three exhausted girls back to their hotel and we fell asleep like three little princesses with new memories and experiences which will stay with us for life!


Styled by Isabel Dupre, Makeup by Euridice Martin, Hair by Mark Williamson.

Read the full article here:



Thank you so much the whole team from Elle for making us feel so special and to @kirstyrwilliams and @pete_ohara for being there with us! Love you lots!


Written by Maria Pettersson

Edited by Kirsty Williams

Growing up my two best friends were twins and my niece and nephew are twins, I seem to have been around twins my whole life and I always wanted to have my own identical sister that could do things for me that I didn’t feel like doing and vice versa. I have a sister, Sandra she is three years older than I am and she didn’t really feel like doing all the things her little sister asked her to do, neither are we that alike that we could get away with it, presenting we are twins.

Since starting Instagram and having my best friend and soul sister on Instagram as @mariathepilot people constantly keep mixing us up. Maria is @mariathepilot and I am @pilotmaria, we are both have blond hair, we´re Swedish with the same profession. We are airline pilots and our personalities are fairly similar. I understand why people who don´t know us, keep getting us mixed up. I keep getting emails and messages asking if I have any travel tips for Tenerife. I don’t live in Tenerife and when I go there I am a tourist as anyone else hahaha Maria lives there, and I live in Sicily. 

I don’t mind at all that people thinking that I am Maria. She is beautiful, smart and an amazing person, if anything I take it as a great compliment!! 🙂Sometimes, when ground staff at airports we both fly to come over and show pictures of Maria asking if it’s me, I simply answer no and smile, not telling them that it is two of us, neither showing them my account. It cracks me up every time, to see how confused they get, I know it’s mean of me, but it makes me giggle every time, I simply can’t resist!

So finally I got myself a twin sister who can cover for me, Maria, fancy an early shift at work for me tomorrow 🙂To confuse it even further we have our third soul sister @flymalin  she is Swedish and an airline pilot too! I love you both to bits and couldn’t imagine a life without you! Best friends forever!! Together we are ThePilotGirls, the “Swedish Flight Mafia”



x Maria, the other Maria, pilotmaria 

@flymalin @mariathepilot @pilotmaria