Growing up my two best friends were twins and my niece and nephew are twins, I seem to have been around twins my whole life and I always wanted to have my own identical sister that could do things for me that I didn’t feel like doing and vice versa. I have a sister, Sandra she is three years older than I am and she didn’t really feel like doing all the things her little sister asked her to do, neither are we that alike that we could get away with it, presenting we are twins.

Since starting Instagram and having my best friend and soul sister on Instagram as @mariathepilot people constantly keep mixing us up. Maria is @mariathepilot and I am @pilotmaria, we are both have blond hair, we´re Swedish with the same profession. We are airline pilots and our personalities are fairly similar. I understand why people who don´t know us, keep getting us mixed up. I keep getting emails and messages asking if I have any travel tips for Tenerife. I don’t live in Tenerife and when I go there I am a tourist as anyone else hahaha Maria lives there, and I live in Sicily. 

I don’t mind at all that people thinking that I am Maria. She is beautiful, smart and an amazing person, if anything I take it as a great compliment!! 🙂Sometimes, when ground staff at airports we both fly to come over and show pictures of Maria asking if it’s me, I simply answer no and smile, not telling them that it is two of us, neither showing them my account. It cracks me up every time, to see how confused they get, I know it’s mean of me, but it makes me giggle every time, I simply can’t resist!

So finally I got myself a twin sister who can cover for me, Maria, fancy an early shift at work for me tomorrow 🙂To confuse it even further we have our third soul sister @flymalin  she is Swedish and an airline pilot too! I love you both to bits and couldn’t imagine a life without you! Best friends forever!! Together we are ThePilotGirls, the “Swedish Flight Mafia”



x Maria, the other Maria, pilotmaria 

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