Pilots Diary

Pilots Diary, sharing my experience flying as a commercial airline pilot.

A Pilots Diary – Chapter IV

Hi, I am sorry I haven’t posted this blog post any sooner, I actually had it all ready to post but then Iceland happened and I had such an amazing time I focused one hundred percent…

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a Pilot Diary – Chapter III

This week I asked you on my Instagram @pilotmaria what subject you’d like me to focus on writing this week’s a Pilots Diary and the winning one is ‘motivation’ and motivation during flight training. Of…

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a Pilots Diary – Chapter 2

Chapter two of my ´a Pilots Diary´ I am so happy I started writing this series that allows me to take you with me on a normal working week as an airline pilot. I hope…

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a Pilots Diary – Chapter I

This blog post is slightly delayed, I’m sorry! It’s from my last block of five days working, and I was supposed to post it the very next day, but as I rushed to Gatwick airport…

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Five Steps to Become An Airline Pilot

I get so many questions on ´How can I become an airline pilot´and even if I try to answer as many of you as I possibly can through my Instagram page it´s impossible and it…

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