Pilots Diary

Pilots Diary, sharing my experience flying as a commercial airline pilot.

Q&A from Instagram

Hi! I did an @Instagram ´Ask me a question´ the other day and unfortunately, I wasn´t able to answer all questions on Instagram. I got more than 500!! Thank you so much! So thankful that…

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How to beat JET LAG

Have you ever been that tired that it feels like you´re walking around like one of the zombies from The Walking Dead, snap at someone for no reason or fall asleep at the dinner table?…

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If I just break my leg a little…simulator check

If a car just hit me ever so carefully and I break my leg just a little bit, or if I accidentally just fall and break my arm maybe then I don’t have to do…

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What do we do during a flight?

What do pilots actually do during a flight, everything is done by autopilot right? And yes, most of a commercial flight is flown by autopilot, in fact, it’s a requirement to have autopilots when flying…

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Becoming an airline pilot 2.0

One of the most common questions that I get on my Instagram is  ‘How can I become an airline pilot’ I wish that I could answer each and every one of you personally, but that would…

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