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Pilots Diary, sharing my experience flying as a commercial airline pilot.

Fear of flying, written with you.

This is probably one of my most requested blog posts and the hardest one for me to write, the pressure of wanting to do it perfect almost took the ´blog style´ fun kind of writing…

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Hello! Hoping to get to know you better – Vlog 1

I put myself in a bit of a tricky situation writing the description to my latest youtube video…. ´for more information go to pilotmaria.com´and realized I hadn´t finished this post! Apologize for any typos that might…

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Q&A from Instagram

Hi! I did an @Instagram ´Ask me a question´ the other day and unfortunately, I wasn´t able to answer all questions on Instagram. I got more than 500!! Thank you so much! So thankful that…

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How to beat JET LAG

Have you ever been that tired that it feels like you´re walking around like one of the zombies from The Walking Dead, snap at someone for no reason or fall asleep at the dinner table?…

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If I just break my leg a little…simulator check

If a car just hit me ever so carefully and I break my leg just a little bit, or if I accidentally just fall and break my arm maybe then I don’t have to do…

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