Pilots Diary

Pilots Diary, sharing my experience flying as a commercial airline pilot.

A Pilots Diary chapter 8

A Pilots Diary – Chapter 8 London May 22nd – May 26th   This week has been a long but great week! Here´s a look at what my schedule has looked like: Day 1: London…

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Pilot Accessories

I did an Instagram Story, it was a photo with a GoPro a watch and a pair of sunglasses and hashtagged ´Pilot Accessories´ some went crazy how I could categorize a GoPro as a fundamental…

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Food Prepping

I love food, I love cooking, I love eating healthy, I love everything about food! Dedicating this post to everyone asking me about my food preparation routines. I love talking about food so it’s a…

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Pilots Diary chapter VII

This week has not been the easiest. I have lacked motivation to get out of bed. It may sound like a matter of 03:30 am being too early for my alarm to go off, but for…

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That time a year – Medical checkup.

Every year, once every year as a commercial pilot you will have to go and get our Medical renewed. I feel that I try to live my life as healthy as I possibly can, considering…

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