Portugal part 1

Landed in Faro and a stream of hot air hit our faces as we disembarked from the rare door. We touched down a couple of minutes ahead of schedule, 18:43. I had Alice in our BabyBjorn One carrier and Tomas was taking all our luggage.

Tomas younger brother Manuel and his girlfriend Catarina picked us up from the airport. It was a roughly fourth minutes drive to the hotel in Altura where Tomas mum and dad waited for us. It was such a happy reunion Alice week by her grandparents on Tomas side for the second time in her life.

We had dinner and went shortly after that to bed. Tomas had been working nights and I felt exhausted too.

Our room was located on the fourth floor of nine. We had a double bed and a baby travel cot for Alice already prepare in our room.

What a paradise Algarve is! This was exactly what I needed weather wise. Sun, blue sky and fiery sunrises.

Tomas has been working crazy hours back home in England and I hope that we as a family will top up our vitamin d, vitamin love and catch up on some sleep while we’re here.

This is it for now, it’s now 00:29. Alice just woke up and was crying. Tomas woke up confused wondering what was going on, as he’s been working nights he is not used to these midnight wake up calls that Alice sometimes invites us for hehe She’s back asleep now and Tomas is snoring away on the other side of the bed and it’s time for me to put my phone down. Good Night.

xx Maria


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