Tomas took Alice to Portugal, without me!

It was initially planned to be Tomas trip, him introducing Alice to his family. But as I was off work and knew I would miss them far too much we agreed that Tomas would take Alice and go a day or two before I would go, to get his ‘solo’ trip and be able to speak Portuguese without feeling the need to translate for me.

I expected it to be the hardest night of my life to be away from Alice for the first time in nine months! But, I slept all though it.

I knew it would be a good experience for Tomas to spend 24 hours with Alice without me interfering. I have spent the majority of time with her and know what every little sound (almost) that she makes mean and it’s been hard for me to not tell Tomas that ‘she’s hungry’ or she’s this and that. I want him to get to know her, his own way.

So when I dropped them off at the airport it was not as tearful as I thought it would be, it was actually a bit of relief. I was looking forward to my first night on my own, to not be woken up in the middle of the night and enjoy something unhealthy sweet in the evening watching a favourite show, which this night ended up being ‘Frankie & Grace’ To be completely honest, I was also looking forward to that phone call saying ‘how do I do with this’ or ‘I’m exhausted’ I applaud you for taking Alice all days and all nights, but that phone call didn’t come, she behaved like an angel.

The next day I took the 9:05am flight to Lisbon. I’ve flown with Alice twice. That is twice compared to the hundreds of times I’ve flown on my own, yet I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that I had forgotten something. You know that kind of panic, pulse raising fear, not a nice feeling at all.

Our Lisbon trip ended up being on of my favourite trips yet. We hadn’t planned for much and it was a spontaneous decision to go. I felt like I got to know Tomas family better, in fact, I’ve only met them four times before, which might sound crazy considering Tomas and I already bought a house together and have a nine month old daughter. Corona made it difficult last year. But for the future I hope for many more trips. Family is so important and I’d like Tomas to also feel part of my family in Sweden, just like his family made me feel part of his in Portugal.

Obrigada e boa noite


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  1. İrfan benli
    August 20, 2021 / 12:27 pm

    What a lovely and nice story! Thank you for yr sharing the first solo trip of Tomas with Alice.Really appreciated.Love this family❤️God Blues you all.Loves fm İstanbul.An old& retired commercial pilot and flight instructor.

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