Alice’s first doctors appointment

If your a momma that worries, raise your hand? Probably as any other first time mum, or all mums, I do.

The other day I noticed a mark on Alice’s right hand side eye, on the retina just under the pupil. It stayed there for a few days which made me believe it was not ‘just a hair’ So I did what I thought was best and called the GP.

Two days later we had an appointment with a paediatrician. At this time the mark had actually disappeared and I felt guilty for taking up a time slot someone else might have needed. At the same time I knew that if I would not have it looked at I would live with the ‘what if’ thought. What if there was actually a scar on her retina and it would affect Alice’s eye sight in the future. Turned out all was fine and it calms this mummas heart.

With this said, always call your GP if you have concerns over your baby! But also, share your fun stories where you went to the doctors for ‘nothing’ below.

x Maria


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