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It has taken me almost a week to write this post! Life with a newborn and what did I do with time before this! Currently having Alice in my lap, she won’t settle anywhere else, she has just been fed but my boobs were still leaking so having my breast pump attached pumping out the rest and Pumpkin is occupying my nursing pillow on my right hand side, at the same time having ‘Jade the Virgin’ running in the background #mumlife

The other day I asked about parent friendly apps, I also promised to share my favourites, so here they are:

I don’t use apps that require tracking, I don’t need another reason to pick my phone up. With that said I think these apps can be a great tool to get a routine, but they are just not for me.

1. The Wonder Weeks (link). This app tracks your baby’s ‘Leap Phases’ A leap is a period of time in your baby’s development where they can be ‘a bit moody’ to put it lightly. Alice just went through her first leap and if I wouldn’t have had this app I would think there was something we did wrong. She was crying more than usual and seemed unsettled. It passed after a few days and it’s interesting to see how accurate the descriptions in ‘TheWonderWeeks’ app actually are.

2. Baby+ (link) This app has great articles and tips and tricks, activities you can do with your baby, development and guides. They also have a ‘pregnancy’ version called ‘Pregnancy+’ and best of all, they are both free.

3. BabySparks (link) This app has activities you can do to help your baby’s development. It’s also fun as it’s difficult to know how you can entertain your newborn and I was feeling guilty not playing with Alice.

My favourite pregnancy apps:

1. Preglife (link) Great for tracking and counting down to your due date. Articles and tips and tricks for expecting mothers.

2. Pregnancy+ (link) My favourite part with this app is that you can track the size of your baby in the womb compared to animals/sweets and fruits.

3. Peanut (link) An app for expecting mothers to connect with each other. It has been perfect especially this year when social distancing and lockdown has made pregnancy lonely. There’s also a great forum section where you can read others thoughts but also ask your own questions.

Thank you for reading! I hope you find these helpful.

xx Maria

*apologies for typos/misspellings and grammar mistakes, English is not my first language.


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