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Yesterday on my Instagram I shared this picture:

And my inbox was overwhelmed with questions about our feeding routine, so I thought I share it here.

We try to give Alice 100% breast milk, most of the times from the boob, but sometimes also expressed into a bottle. We use an electric pump from Medela (find link here)

Breastfeeding and expressing breast milk into a bottle has worked perfectly for us as it gives Tomas the chance to bond with Alice. It also helps me out a lot, feeding every three hour is tiering, especially at night and Tomas tend to take the 6am feed so that I can get some solid sleep, I can’t understate how much this help! When bottle feeding it is also easier to keep track on how much milk Alice is getting. However I don’t want to ‘loose’ breastfeeding, I’ve heard that if you switch to bottle they sometimes won’t take the breast, so I make sure to mix them both. It’s also important for the milk supply to have Alice feeding from the breast to simulate the milk supply.

In short, here’s our routine:

Alice feed about every three hour. Including waking up by herself every three hour at night, I wouldn’t wake her up if she would decide to sleep longer. I usually put her on the boob for 20 minutes or so, if she’s still hungry after that I give her a 2oz bottle with milk I expressed earlier. After each feed I use my Medela breast pump and express any extra milk that I then store in the fridge. They say that you can store breast milk in the fridge for up to six days, but to be honest, we rarely have any bottle there for longer than a day, all that babies seem to do is eat and sleep and eat haha But would we ever get any extra milk, then I have freezing containers from Nanobebe (I will link all products that we use below).

They say that you can keep a bottle of breast milk at room temperature for six hours, six days in the fridge and six months in the freezer. Last night however Alice threw up and I believe it could be for drinking milk that had been out of then fridge for too long, so Tomas and I decided to use the bottles within four hours and not six, just to make sure she always has fresh milk. Our house temperature is between 18-20 degrees Celsius. If you live in a warmer climate you should be more careful with leaving bottles out of the fridge.

I hope this blog post answers some of your questions about our feeding routine. But remember I’m a first time mum and we’re trying out to see what works best for us, always consult with your midwife on what’s best for you.

Lots of love!

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