Baby Movements

Baby playing Hide & Seek. This week I decided to share more of my pregnancy journey, make a day by day update for you all! It’s the last ‘scheduled’ week and countdown to our little ones arrival is so close now! Estimated Due Date minus 3 days!

Most of you that’s been following our pregnancy journey on Instagram know that I have openly spoken about the pregnancy struggles we’ve had. After our 20 week scan being put in a ‘high risk’ pregnancy group and struggle to feel the baby’s movements added on extra stress.

When you get pregnant the placenta can grow different in your belly and ours is growing ‘Anterior’ meaning that it acts like a cushion between the baby and I. This makes it difficult to feel the little one moving around, difficult to know that she or he is alright in there, which for any mother to be can be extremely stressful. you just want to know that you’re keeping the baby safe.

This story ends well so please keep reading.

At around week 35, 36 sometime I started to feel the baby on regular basis. I had felt the baby before this, but it was very sporadic and some days I wouldn’t feel it at all. Now I could feel his or her pattern! I can now feel that he/she is a bit slow in the morning, just like mummy. I know that she/he gets more active after I have something to eat and that spicy food makes he/she do loops in there. It finally feels like I in a way is getting to know our baby and the bound a mother experience when pregnant and so love it! Why couldn’t all my pregnancy be like this. But I must not complain, I’m so lucky to have a healthy baby in there.

If any other mummas out there has experienced the same let me know. It can be a difficult journey and if us connecting can make it easier on any of you, don’t hesitate in contacting me.

Tomorrow I’m planning on talking about ‘Birth Options’ so don’t forget to check back in.

Lots of Love

xx Maria


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