Chocolate and comfort eating

When my stress level goes up, so does my appetite, or, appetite for naughty foods, a salad bowl simply wouldn’t do it.L

I’ve not been shy on sharing my pregnancy journey with you all on my Instagram @ pilotmaria I’ve been lucky not physically suffering too much, my energy level has been pretty even throughout the pregnancy and I haven’t been sick once (knock on wood). However, passing 20 weeks I started to notice more psychological problems and anxiety in my pregnancy. Fears that something was wrong, fears that wouldn’t fully let me enjoy my pregnancy.

This is going of topic a bit and making the purpose with this blog post, which was suppose to only share a brownie recipe a lot longer than I had planned.

Anyhow, not being able to work, being stuck at home, lockdown and depressing Covid news had me comfort eat more than I usually would allow me to. I’m not used to eat dairy, but would find me going though a whole box of milk chocolate, in one sitting. This kind of food does not make me feel good, and my body for sure isn’t used to it. So now towards the end of the pregnancy I decided to start experimenting with some healthier options of comfort eating (I’m sure stress eating is something I will keep doing also after the baby is born, probably even more as I won’t have the time that I have now to sit down) So I came up with this amazing sweet potato brownie recipe. And if you’re like what I was like a couple of years ago thinking ‘sweet potato brownie’ no thanks or ‘that sounds way too complicated’ please stay and give these brownies just one chance, they are truly heaven and so easy to make.

Here’s what you need:

1 dl flour of your choice. I used normal wheat flour but you can use oat, almond, coconut or any flour to your preference.

1 tsp baking powder

3 dl sweet potatoes (approx 5 medium sized sweet potatoes). Baked in the oven until soft.

3 tbs coconut oil

2 tsp vanilla extract or beans.

2 dl syrup of your choice, honey, agave any really.

4 tbs cacoa

Any nut butter you might like, I used cashews. I stir this in last and not mix it fully so it leaves chunky surprise bits of nutty heaven when eating the brownie.

Always taste the batter and add more of anything you like. I added a bit more vanilla and sweet syrup, I like mine sweet.

Spread evenly in baking a form.

Make sure you leave some in the bowl for you to eat right away, while the brownies are baking in the oven.

Oven to 160 degrees Celsius, approximately 30 minutes until you can run a fork in the middle and it comes out almost clean.

Hope you like it! And if you do decide to try them please tag me on your Instagram so I can see your yummy creations!

Lots of love! And see you back on Thursday for a new blog post!

xx Maria


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  1. Biff Narzilla
    October 21, 2020 / 2:41 am

    Chocolate cures all that ails thee.

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