Packing our Hospital Bag

It’s so hard to know what to pack for our yet most important and exciting trip! A journey we have no idea what the destination will be like! Packing our hospital bag!

You can’t take too much with you, you don’t want to be “one of them” who bring all unnecessarily things, at the same time you want to make sure that you have what you will need. You never know how long labour will take, or how long you will have to stay at the hospital post labour.

We just passed 36 weeks and I keep hearing ‘oh any day now’ that made it feel like everyone else is more prepared than we are.

Nappie bag from Jem + Bea, find it here: link

I don’t know why it’s been so hard for me to pack our hospital bag, actually our pram is still in it’s boxes, our baby clothes are left with the price tags and we only have one pack of nappies and wipes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m itching of excitement to unpack the pram, I just can’t take for granted that everything will go as we want it to. I don’t know why this fear, but throughout the pregnancy I haven’t been able to enjoy it to it’s fully, always scared that something would go wrong, like I don’t deserve it or that I will get punished for something done in my past. There’s a saying in Swedish, and it goes like this ‘Don’t scream ‘Hi’ before you crossed the river’ meaning don’t take anything for granted before you know it’s for certain, don’t say hi before you have crossed the river, who knows if you will fall in. I’m sure there’s an English translation to it, but that’s how we say it in Sweden or ‘Ropa inte Hej fören du kommit över ån’ to be exact 😉

But here we are, week 36 and baby is growing, our last scans has been nothing but positive and nothing indicates that something would be wrong. I can feel her or he’s gentle movement through our anterior (outside) placenta that acts like a cushion between baby and me. The placentas location has made it difficult for Tomas to feel baby’s movements and the biggest reminder that he has that his life is soon about to change, is my growing bump. Oh yesterday Tomas had one of them laughs, expressions that I wish I could have caught on camera to re-live when my memory no longer has it accessible for me.

I had just installed our car seat, Tomas was getting ready to go to work, after been working nights this weekend he had been sleeping throughout the day. I came upstairs to put the car seat carrier in the baby’s room (I didn’t want to leave it in the car would it go damp) Tomas reaction seeing me carrying the car seat out from it’s box was priceless! I think it put reality in a sense he had not experienced before and he started laughing in joy. It was so heart warming! Especially knowing that I haven’t been the “easiest” girlfriend through this pregnancy, going though too many ups and downs, mood swings that Tomas unfortunately has been my target for. But enough about that, I’m so happy to have the hospital bag done, there’s still a few things I’ll need to pack, such as sandwiches or ready meals and sodas. As these are fresh items I left a post-it note on top of the bag to remember to grab this once contractions start, and in all honestly, we all know that the snack on the picture will be long gone by the end of this weekend.

Here’s my list I packed after, feel free to screenshot it and save if you want to use the same.

Thank you for reading! I love being back blogging and I hope my words can inspire, or help some of you. Have an wonderful week now!

Read more on the nhs website: link

xx Maria


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  1. Rob Bateman
    October 12, 2020 / 10:50 am

    I wouldn’t make any secret of the fact that I came here for your aviation content 🙂
    But every blog post you write is worthwhile – please don’t stop!

    As a Dad of three girls and two boys I can empathise with your excitement and also the tinge of fear – that was the worst part for me and I think that’s common for most men because we are utterly powerless at this point to help.
    The best advice I can offer is for Tomas – which is to keep his mouth shut and his eyes and ears open!
    And if you think something is not right then say so loudly – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    Wishing you the best from Ireland.


  2. Biff Narzilla
    October 12, 2020 / 11:59 pm

    What??? Are you running away from home? How many days are you planning on spending in the hospital?

    And just what do you need an extension cord for?

    • October 15, 2020 / 11:18 pm

      I only have two set of change with me, I thought I wasn’t taking enough with me 😂😂 They recommended three outfits in the NHS website 😂

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