I need structure in life!

The picture below shows where I am at right this second. I’m sitting on a bench with my growing belly, wearing a jumper that I’ve been wearing for the past three days. The jumper has paint stains on it, but it’s so comfortable that I each morning keep picking it up from the laundry basket.

My hands are dry and I would desperately need a spa day, or home spa day, these crazy days that we at the moment are living in (Covid) has made me appreciate taking time for myself when ‘just’ at home, long baths and home manicure. This is what happens to me when I have no structure, no schedule, I end up doing nothing and completely forget to set time aside to take care of myself, anyone that can relate?

Back to this beautiful September day. Today marks pregnancy week 36.

36 weeks exactly or 252 days of 280, quick math, 28 days to go! If baby arrives on time and I have a feeling that this one is just as eager to explore the world as I am. I guessed 22nd of October, which is only 13 days away. What do you think? Early or late?

On this beautiful day, days we don’t get spoiled with in UK these times of the year. I realised that I have absolutely zero structure or organisation in my life. I’ve always seen myself being someone who is over organised, someone who would do spread sheets for every task. You know that annoying one sitting with colouring pens in school, blue for one headline, green for the other etc. But I’m not, or at least not anymore and definitely not pregnant me. I need to structure my life! I need a life spread sheet! And that is now, how will I ever be able to give our baby a routine if I can’t even keep routine on myself!

So that’s on my to-do list this weekend. Organise my life, and to be precise, my social life, my social media life. The part of me I nowadays have more friends than I do real life. That might sound sad, but it’s not, let me explain why.

Moving abroad in adult life is not easy. Starting a life in another country, pregnant and during a pandemic has proven to be even harder. For me to communicate via different channels and engage with all of you means so much. Yes, of course I have “real” life friends that I FaceTime with when we can’t meet and family that I keep updated on pregnancy things to private to share on here. But, I still love social media and I love to share. However, when I get confused looking at my channels, I can only imagine how confusing it must be to you! There’s no structure or consistency whatsoever. I release one YouTube video once in a while and then months passes until my next video, that is not okay and that is not the commitment I want to give you when you decide to press ‘subscribe’ or ‘follow’ I want to be consistent, because that’s the person I see myself as being.

This blogpost is getting far longer than I thought it would, seems I had a lot I wanted of my chest. But here’s to the conclusion:

Instagram: Everyday snaps, glimpsing my life, tips and tricks @ Pilotmaria

YouTube: Vlogs! I LOVE watching vlogs myself so this is something I want to be consistent with. I was thinking to set a goal having one video out every Tuesday. Weekends would usually be the days I vlog on as Tomas is of work and he’s just so much fun to have on my vlogs! (He also has his own YT channel that you can find here: link) I wish I could share every take of and landing I do in the 737 here, but due to company regulations I can’t. I also don’t want to make the Captain that I’m flying with uncomfortable rigging the cockpit full of GoPros.

Blog: Did you know that as a young me I wanted to be a writer. Story telling and putting thoughts in writing is something I’ve always loved doing. I’m hoping on here to be as open and honest about life as possible. My life, just like everyone else’s life, has ups and downs and I think many “influencers” fail to show that on their channels. Of course, they don’t have to, depending on the ‘feed’ they are running. But I personally wouldn’t want anyone to go to my feed and get depressed comparing their lives with the percent of ‘perfect’ that is being shown online. So on here, I want to be as honest as I possible can.

…and last: Tomas and my podcast ‘Vets and Jets’ out every Thursday where we chat about our week. Tomas bring up interesting cases from the clinic and when I’m back flying I’ll do the same from cockpit.

Oh and I almost forgot, Patreon. I started Patreon a few months ago to have one channel that will be 100% aviation only! Unfortunately it was difficult sharing relevant content when on maternity leave, but bare with me, once I’m back flying this will be the place for all avgeeks to be.

In short, check in daily on Instagram, if I don’t share an in feed post, I’m usually active on Stories. YouTube every Tuesday (subscribe here) Blog, new posts Sunday’s and Thursdays. Podcast every Thursday, and Patreon weekly once I’m back flying!

Hats off to a new structured life!

Lots of love,

/The new organised Maria 😆🤭


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  1. Bill Havrilla
    October 10, 2020 / 5:23 pm

    If, after having the baby, you can find a way of doing some “regular things” at “regular times” to have some control over your life… SURPRISE! It’s more or less going to be a one-day-at-a-time kind of thing. No queuing up for “assigned slots” from here on out lady.

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