Motivated but uninspired

Sharing glimpses of my life that I hope can inspire someone is something that I love doing. It’s been six years since I started using social media and I love it as much as I did that first day, if not even more!

However, a lot has changed. From being 100% Aviation only, I now like to mix everyday moments, aviation, career inspiration and motivation to mother-to-be stories with you all. Especially considering the currency situation with many pilots being furloughed or even loosing their jobs due to Covid19 and me being on maternity leave, I’ve felt lost on what to share.

I have 100% understanding that you who signed up for the aviation content, might not enjoy my mother-to-be lifestyle that is now dominating my mind. Therefore, yesterday I asked on Instagram what aviation content you’d like me to share during the times that I can’t pilot an aircraft and I’m blown away by your ideas! I feel so inspired! I want to grab my pen, or keyboard and start typing immediately. But we have to spread it out, I can’t share everything at once, but to let you know what to expect on here:

More about ‘Fear of flying’ ‘How to stay motivated during difficult times, focusing on flight training’ ‘How to stay current when not flying for a long time’ mixed with mom-to-be stories, interior design ideas and follow along while Tomas and I redecorate our entire house!

I appreciate you all!

x Maria


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  1. Save 41
    October 2, 2020 / 1:54 pm

    Maria – so glad you are doing well during maternity leave and are a survivor during these times. I have watched your blog over the years and you look so much happier! Expect you and Tomas (Jets and Vets) are anxiously awaiting delivery of your “package.” My flight experience was much training spent during each year with only annual aircraft quals and mission quals. Would like to hear how you prep for 737 checks every six months! And the mindset it takes to get the most out of your sim time since most of your flying is operational with passengers. (Save 41, rotary wing!)

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