DIY How I styled our bedroom

I love decorating, I love a good DIY project and I love interior design! I bet you can only imagine my happiness when Tomas gave me pretty much free imagination to design our new house!

First project, the bedroom:

When we moved in every room had a different color, green, blue, purple. And with one wall having wallpaper, which with my slightly ocd brain does not work. I can not have three walls, first off all, odd number, one color and one wall a completely different wallpaper. So I started project makeover and our bedroom seemed like the perfect room to start with. I removed the wallpaper and put a white colors on all the walls, I much prefer to decorate with posters than having a colourful wall.


All in all it was done on a budget. The posters with frame cost us £126.65 from Poster Store. The white ‘blackout’ curtains were £48.95 I bought two flowers to the room which were approximately £30 together with the pots and the paint were about £30 from The B&Q. Everything else was things that we had from our old house and could use again.

I made a vlog during the process and Tomas reaction seeing the finished result warms my heart! Check it out here:

Thank you for all your support! Next room, conservatory, my favorite room of them all!

xx Maria


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