Online bullying

It all started with this photo, and maybe one to many pregnancy shots. Well, I’m pregnant and Instagram is mostly about posting photos of oneself so unless I would share old photos, I will be pregnant in the ones that I share.

These two in particular had enough. I’ve covered their names, I don’t know what the rules are showing names, in my opinion they should be exposed.

I shared their replies in my Stories on Instagram and I felt vulnerable doing so. The kind of feeling when before you press ‘share’ your fingers shake and you’re questioning how it will be taken by others and if you’re doing the right thing. But when it comes to bullying, be so online or in real life, there’s only one right thing to do!

The amount of support all of you gave me was UNBELIEVABLE so thank you!

It was never to get attention or ‘increase my engagement’ as one of them commented. That before I blocked both users mentioned above, and their comments disappeared.

With this said, can we just agree that bullying IS NOT OKAY not online and not in real life. You can make someone’s day, week, year or even life by just standing up for them. So promise me this, if you in school or online see someone who is being treated disrespectful, stand up for them and show them that you got their side!

Thanks all, lots of love

x Maria


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  1. İrfan benli
    September 2, 2020 / 12:02 pm

    Me and my wife are very happy to see yr pregnant pics in İnstagram.I am one of yr followers as a retired&grounded flight instructor at the age of 63,and never understand this kind of people with so rude and fanatic attitude.They are everywhere,even in Turkey.So many of them are just delivering their bad intention and most of them are doing this because of religious issues.Pls just simply ignore and block them.Don’t think about them.You need to be calm and healthy for yr baby.We love you so much.Pls go on with yr posts.Best regards and loves fm İstanbul.Mr&Mrs.Benli

  2. Rick Wetmore
    September 2, 2020 / 12:49 pm

    Your posts are always full of hope, happiness and inspiration. Keep doing what you are doing, ignore the occasional noise from useless trolls. I’m sure this person sits in a basement all day, jealous of those who actually have meaningful lives. In the words of an American General “You can’t fix stupid!” All the best to you and Tomas on your next exciting chapter with the new baby! Rick

  3. Kevin Clark
    September 2, 2020 / 1:41 pm

    Well stated, Maria – thank you for doing this. My wife is a middle school librarian and she is constantly teaching kids about digital citizenship (and responsibility). Social media is such a great platform to exchange ideas and personal information with each other, but the price none of us can get away from is the dark, evil element of social media has equal access to this same information. This is where the support comes in and it appears you have tons of it, so easier-said-than-done but best to try to tune out as much as possible the ignorant comments these bullies post. Their ultimate goal is to get a reaction out of you, so ignoring (and blocking if the particular social media platform allows it) them is usually the best avenue. Congratulations to you and Tomas and I will continue to look forward to your wonderful contributions! Be well!

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