Flying during COVID-19

It wasn’t an easy decision for Tomas and I to make. We were debating for a long time if it was safe for us to fly, especially me being almost 7 moths pregnant.

After being stuck in the house for almost 150 days, only leaving only for the necessary, such as grocery shopping, NHS pregnancy scans and my power walks, power walks on my own, with a podcast as company, gosh I must have gone though Apple podcast full library!

My mental health was taking a hit and I found myself almost scared of other people. I was getting back to old habits where germs were my biggest enemy. I spend time and effort learning to drink from the same bottle as someone else. For years that was something I couldn’t do. If someone would ask to take a sip of my coke or water, I would have given the the whole bottle. Frantically washing my hands, cleaning the groceries before putting them in the fridge, it had all gone a bit too far.

Worst of all, that I think many has suffered during lockdown 2020 is the loneliness. To be honest, I was getting worried that the little one, protected inside of me, no idea of what’s going on in this crazy world, would feel my anxiety.

First barista coffee. We found a quiet corner at Stansted airport and I had my first barista coffee since pre lockdown.

Conclusion: I never feel unsafe onboard the flight. We flew with Ryanair, London Stansted to Lisbon. The onboard crew made sure to remind everyone to wear their face masks, which is mandatory onboard all Ryanair flights. Have them cover both mouth. Special procedures to use the lavatory, where you had to let one member of the staff know, so that they could control not having people waiting in line (breathing down each others neck).

The flight was full to about 70% capacity, which allowed Tomas and I to have our own full row. Landed half an hour early, happy days.

Ps comment what you see in the last picture 😆

Lots of love, until next time!

X Maria


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