New coffee in town!


The Dalgona Coffee was a big hit a couple of months ago, and I did try it myself, however, did NOT like it and here is why.

  1. Waaaay too strong when the coffee foam and milk were separated.
  2. Takes to long to make.

So, there’s a new coffee in town and this one is the best! I was inspired by @leahitsines. 

You will need: 

A glass of milk, I use Oatlys Barrista oat milk, although I almost feel that I don't want to recommend it, being almost always sold out, for the right reason it is so good!

Frozen banana. 

Ice cubes

Sweetener, I prefer agave syrup. 

Shot of coffee.

To spice it up, add a table spoon or two of raw cacao powder, Frozen banana mocha YUM!



Put everything in the mixer and voila, done! It is that easy, and that refreshing!



Pregnancy is going well, headaches are coming back, but not as bad as they were last week. We have a new scan next week and I am so excited! It will be the first NHS scan that Tomas will be allowed to attend with me, due to Covid19 he has not been allowed on the previous scans. They have put up new safety precautions, everyone has to wear a mask in the hospital and everyone’s temperature is being checked. I am so glad that Tomas is finally allowed to join, it’s such a beautiful journey and I feel bad for him missing out. I will update you all more after the scan.


I miss flying but I’m happy to see that my colleagues are back flying, hopefully, when I’m ready to fly again it will be back closer to it normal self.


Until next time!

X Maria



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  1. Stein Rohde
    July 15, 2020 / 12:45 pm

    You should drink Gevalia only 😊👍

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