Green Smoothie Recipe

Yesterday on my Instagram stories I shared my favourites  G r e e n  S m o t h i e  recipe so I thought I share it here too. 

Green Smoothies are generally set to be ‘healthy’ and this one is no different, full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. 

I keep my ingredients in the freezer to make the smoothie creamer, and ice cold. A tip is to buy fruits when its season, cut them up and store in the freezer. 


Spinach: Spinach rich in Folate and Vitamin K. Vitamin K is important for maintaining bone health and it's difficult to find any other vegetable a better source than spinach. 

Pineapple: There's a lot of benefits they say about pineapple, I mostly eat it to help my digestive systems, plus it makes the smoothie the freshest. 

Ginger: Anti-inflammatory, help with period pain and nausea (and add that extra fire to the smoothie, I love a ginger burn).

Turmeric: Like ginger turmeric has anti-inflammatory benefits as well as help ease symptoms of osteoarthritis. Add black pepper to help the body absorb its goodies even better.


I use Oat milk and Coconut water as a liquid base for this smoothie. Enjoy!






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