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Recurrent training is the training that we as airline pilots do every six, month to make sure that we are up to date on all procedures we need to know, but also to train things that on a normal day won’t happen, but can happen and we, therefore, need to make sure that our knowledge is fresh.

Below are questions that you sent me and that I answered also in the video.


Do you have to know all the emergency procedures by heart? 

Yes and no. You have to know by heart all the emergency procedures, checklists that have memory item. It´s not the full checklist but the first steps of it. For example on engine fire you have to know by heart that the first steps are: Disengage autothrottle, thrust lever on the engine that is on fire to idle, start lever to CUTOFF on the engine that is on fire and fire handle pull on the engine that is on fire, after the four steps has been done you take a big, deep, breath, every step after this is done by checklist.


How often do you have to renew your license?

We don’t renew our licenses but we renew our type rating, so for me, that is my type rating on the Boeing 737 and that is done once yearly, but we have simulator checks every six months. 


What is recurrent training?

Recurrent training is the training you as an airline pilot have to do every year, or twice a year throughout your career, there’s no way around it, and you don’t get used to it, well I haven’t yet, I am as nervous as always.


How do I prepare myself before a check?

First of all, I make sure that I have studied enough, refreshed some of the procedures that we do on every check, such as single-engine, circling approach and more. 

Before I go to the sim centre I make sure that I have had enough to eat and drink, I do some concentration and relaxing exercises such as stretching/yoga and meditation, I get nervous so this really helps me.


What happens if you fail?

If you fail your check you are pout back in the simulator for extra training.


Have I ever failed?

I have not, but I don’t blame anyone that has, it is stressful to have a check and even if you know what you’re doing having you sim check in the middle of the night does not help.


Do I enjoy it?

I don’t enjoy the time before, but once there it´s actually not that bad.


Why do you have to study, isn’t mid just like flying normally?

We study because, in the simulator, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. It´s a very high workload and it helps if you are prepared. The sim sessions are designed to be harder than anything you can imagine experiencing on the line, we get failure after failure, not only one single failure, multiple failures. 



Hope this helps, if you have any questions, as always leave them below.

x Maria


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  1. David Phillips
    August 27, 2019 / 8:35 pm

    Excellent! You are the best Commercial Pilot👩‍✈️😍

  2. Ellis Trautman, Western Australia
    December 29, 2019 / 3:11 am

    You could fly me in a 737, but no one could in a 737 Max, if you don’t mind.
    How would you feel about one of them??

  3. May 27, 2020 / 9:15 pm

    I am planning to do my Airbus A320 type rating. But confused to do as per the COVID19 situation. Will the job openings improve in near future?

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