Baggallini – Favourite travel bag!

Hi! This post is in partnership with @baggallini one of my most favorite handbag and luggage companies, that I have teamed up with!

So let me start by telling you a little bit about Baggallini and why I love them so much! First of all, they left me a hand written note when they sent me the bags, and you all know how much I love handwritten notes! It offers the perfect personal touch and something a little more special, from a brand.

Baggallini is a female founded company, created by flight attendants, as you can imagine they know how to travel! They have created bags to meet their needs! I’ve tried out three different bags for a while now and I honestly love them!  Not only do I love the design of them, they are also practical and meet every traveler’s needs as well as being water resistant. 

I use the middle size bag for everyday use, this one I use when I go out in town or if I’m out and about popping to the local store. The larger size I use as a carry on luggage when I travel. I like to have a bag that I can wear over my shoulders when I travel. First of all, it’s better for your back and second, if you need to run to a gate (which happens far too often for me) it allows one to move quicker than having a bag that I have to roll behind me! I use the small crossbody bag as a ‘bag within my bag’ where I keep all the things that I want to have with me at my seat, I tend to always pick a window seat and so as to not disturb the passenger sitting at the isle and middle seat, I put the things that I want to have with me at my seat in the smaller bag, such as earphones, a snack bar, hand cream and lip balm, just the essentials! 

Thank You for reading. If you want to know more about Baggallini please ask below or on my Instagram @pilotmaria and don’t forget to check out Baggallini’s Instagram account @baggallini 

Links to all three bags: 

Large event bag: link

Medium event bag: link

Crossbody bag : link


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