Oxford recruitment day

Recruitment Day in Oxford.

I love Pilot Recruitment Days! To meet new, eager pilot students is motivating and inspiring for me! The incredible things that I am able to do, join on thanks to an app, thanks to @instagram is still hard to believe for me. I don´t think the company that I fly for would even know who I am without it, nonetheless ask if I wanted to join on their recruitment days! It´s a great opportunity for me, I love talking in front of a group, ever since my TEDx talk last year I can’t get enough of it! Even if my face turns red, my hands start to shake it´s all an adrenaline rush in joy, and a little bit nervous is always good to be 😉

We started with having a presentation about the company, sharing future ideas, statistics and what you need to think about if successfully called for an interview. After that it´s my turn, I share in short my story, when I joined, how many hours I have and so on, I prefer to answer questions rather than have a long speech about myself, I want to answer questions that you want to have answers to. There are actually three questions that are always asked, maybe for next event, I should bring three chocolate bars and whoever ask one of these questions first will get one haha just for fun, something to break the ice and make everyone comfortable, what do you think? Who woudnt be happy for some sweets right?

We went to two different aviation schools in Oxford, CAE on Thursday evening and Airways Aviation on Friday morning. Here are some pictures from the events and if you have any questions please leave them below or on my Instagram @pilotmaria


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  1. "Save41"
    June 8, 2019 / 1:07 pm

    Maria – Did any of the students ask your professional opinion about the “737 Max” issue (not sure if Ryan operates them) and how pilots can improve communications between manufacturers and operators? Would be interested in your opinion and affect on how it affects “trust” – flight safety and recruitment of future aviators in your industry.

    • June 8, 2019 / 1:15 pm

      Yup the question came up. And nope Ryanair are not operating any 737max as they are grounded so no airline can. We all just have to wait and see when they are certified to fly again and first then I’ll have an opinion on them ☺️

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