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Best Acai bowl in Oahu, Hawaii! And they have some pretty tough competition! In Hawaii, everywhere you go you can make sure you’ll find an amazing smoothie bowl shack, not shack as in roughly build but as in cozy, friendly and Hawaiian style place. Emilie and her boyfriend Sam @emiliepix @sam_schmidt11  lives in Oahu and took me to all their favorite Acai places. Emilie being a real ´Bowl Snob´(in a very cute and adorable way) I knew that I would get the best Bowl Experience one could ask for.


After third place we visited we came up with the idea, why don´t we write a review, Who has the best Acai Bowl in Oahu, Hawaii, we are made for this kind of reviews, meaning that we would be eating as many Acai bowl as we possibly could in the short period of time that I was there, did I mention that I LOVE SMOOTHIE bowls and Acai is one of my absolute favorite, that and raspberry. If I could eat something for the rest of my life it would probably be bowls or scrambled eggs, I love scrambled eggs.

We came up with some categories: Staff, Option, Location, Price and Ingredient quality.



Emilie tried the Blie Majik a blue spirulina bowl. The decoration was definitely on point! And that it is in fact blue!

Both Sam and I ordered the Hapa Bowl açaí.

Location was without a doubt the best out of all places we visited, on north shore Oahu so if you’re staying in Honolulu it´s about 45 minutes drive, definitely worth it as there is so much more to see in Oahu that Honolulu. Staff was friendly and couldn’t be more apologizing when she forgot Sams and my bowl. They are freshly made after order, we also tried their Macadamien (very Hawaiian) nut milk cold brew that was delicious and they make their own nut milk.


@Waialua Bakery 

I ordered a Pina colada smoothie made like a bowl.

Emilie a green smoothie also as a bowl.

They were both tasted good but melted fast as they were made from sorbets rather than the real fruit. Waialua Bakery is more famous for their sandwiches and Sam could confirm that it was one of the best sandwiches he ever had, he had a chicken avocado sandwich, or as I said avocado chicken as the chicken was hiding under all godness avoacado on there.



OMG! You will never have anything like this! Banan is amazing. We went here three times in the one week that I was in Oahu so let that speak for itself and here are some photos to prove it! Banan is not in the smoothie/acai competition as they specify in ´frozen banana amazing flavor I have no idea how they make this but it´s amazing´ kind of smoothies. Banan is a MUST! And make sure that you add some of their Macadamien nut butter to your bowl.



Both Emilie and I had the Acai bowl at Juicd and they are freakin delicious!! This is the best texture Acai you will find! It is so good! Freshly made by order and including as many toppings as you want! Everything from dates (YUM) to granola, bee pollen, flax seed literally any topping you can think of, and more. The woman and her husband who runs it are the sweetest! They cold press everything themselves twice, or was it three times a week, I don´t remember to make sure they have only fresh products. Their cold press coffee was amazing! Coffee, nut milk, dates and cinnamon!



They use Soya milk in their Hapa Bowl and couldn’t substitute it for Almon milk in their Pirata Bowl, it´s not the end of the world but if I have to be picky. I can drink soya milk but I prefer not to. They use real glass bowls which I prefer, even if all other places sustainable non plastic or paper bowl I still prefer to eat from bowl that can be reused, plus it looks cuter, especially if you want people to take photos with your bowls, a coconut shell or vote porcelain bowl looks a lot better than a paper. They have a live band here in the evenings, which is awesome! VIBES


@emiliepix Smoothe Kitchen

One morning we also ate bowls back home at Emilie and Sams made by the one and only @emiliepix herself and if I could pick one winner she would, of course, be the one no doubt! In flavors, presentation, location, and ingredients, all categories!

But if not, I think both Emilie and I agreed that Haleiwa, the first one we went to won on location, it is so cute, staff so friendly and the vibes are exactly how you picture it to be in Hawaii! Food truck with a wood and palm trees like patio in front, surfers fresh from the waves catching a bowl before heading somewhere else (my dream lol) It´s the cutest!

But THE WINNER can only be one and we agreed that it would be JUICD in Honolulu for the ingredients, they are so fresh so yum and staff the most friendly! It is of course a huge plus that you can pick as many toppings as you want and that they have dates as a topping option, I LOVE DATES! It´s not as photo friendly as Haleiwa Bowls on North Shore but the bowls and juices are  a m a z i n g!!


I don´t know any really good smoothie, acai bowl places around London so if you know any please let me know!


All photos were taken with my iPhone and edited using my own mobile presets.

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