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I did an Instagram Story, it was a photo with a GoPro a watch and a pair of sunglasses and hashtagged ´Pilot Accessories´ some went crazy how I could categorize a GoPro as a fundamental pilot accessories, some thought it be fun if I write a blog post about the accessories I always have with me in my flight bag. I love writing, I love sharing so thought the later was a great idea. Here we go, ´Pilot Accessories, according to me´ Before I start I want to mention that this post is not sponsored by any brand, I´ve not been asked to mention anyone and not been paid for writing this, I do however work with or have worked with some of the brands mentioned, I´d still recommend them even if I had not worked with them.

Beauty products! The air in the flight deck is drier than at normal sea level, hands lips and face need a refreshing after a long day at work or in between or during flights. I always keep a hand cream, lip balm, face moisturizer and face mist with me. I have worked with @Vichy and was given this product and genuinely love it! @Björk&Berries is a new product I just discovered, face mist from Sweden LOVE!! it! It´s so refreshing and got a nice smell to it. 

I wear sunglasses about 90 percent of the time I´m in the air. I´m not trying to look cool but I dont like to twitch the eyes (is that what it´s called? I couldn’t find the English word for when you ´twitch´your eyes together) it gives me headache doing that all day, second I don´t want to speed up the wrinkle appearance around my eyes, haha. During flight training, before I did my PPL test flight my flight instructor told me that I had to go and get me a watch before my examination flight, it was part of a pilots uniform he said. I spend back then 150 Euros on a watch, that was a fortune for me during flight training and completely unnecessarily, there is no must whatsoever to wear a watch, but it looks good! And I love wearing one (it makes me look on my phone less) Today I am sponsored by @Breitling and wear only their watches, and love loves love them! 

GoPro! So this is where I was getting the most hate, GoPro as a necessary pilot accessory? Of course not, you don´t need a GoPro in your flight bag, but ask yourself this, during flight training, first solo flight, first time in the airplane on your own, woudnt you wish that you mounted a GoPro somewhere, not in the way so that you could relive and share that experience to family and friends? I don´t use my GoPro during flight, but once in a while when everything is done I like to take a quick GoPro photo, argue all you want. I am part of the GoPro family, I don´t get paid by GoPro but I do get their products @gopro

During flight training, I could not afford to get a fancy headset and you probably don´t need it, unless you really struggle with the coms, radio then it can be worth getting a noise-canceling headset. Sitting in a noisy flight deck all day it is almost a must! Well for me it is at least, I couldn’t imagine flying without noice cancelling. Today I fly with @boseaviation ProFlight headset, it is noise canceling and super light on my head. This headset has been given to me after many years of using Bose headset. 

Something to keep your mind occupied, during the cruise when everything is done, you take some radio calls and monitor the systems it´s nice to keep your brain occupied, with a book, magazine or a mind game like a Rubicks Cube. A kneeboard (unless you fly Airbus) is a must to keep the paperwork organized and a pen. 

Refillable water bottle, it dosent have to say Breitling on it. This one was given to me after a beach clean up last year. I don´t like drinking from plastic bottles, first I dont like getting the plastic in my body and second we all should use less plastic for our planet. Almost all airports have water stations where you can refill your bottle for free. 

Back up snacks. I always make sure that I have at least two snack bars in my bag. I keep them as emergency snacks in case we get a ground delay ´slot´time and I can´t have my dinner/lunch when I planned for it. 

Antibacterial wipes because the flight deck is a filthy place (especially under the armrest where you adjust them….disgusting) I give my armrest, bottoms, and knobs a quick wipe before I begin my shift. Sometime I clean to have something to do during a long flight….)

Compression socks, I can´t believe how many years I flew without compression socks! They are the best, I am not as tired and my feet don´t get as swollen. 



Let me know if you have any questions!


xx Maria





Links to the products I recommend (not sponsored, just to help)

Watch: https://www.breitling.com/gb-en/watches/navitimer-1/chronograph-41/A13324121G1X1/

Headset: https://www.bose.co.uk/en_gb/products/headphones/aviation_headsets/proflight-aviation-headset.html

Snacks: https://www.larabar.co.uk, https://hukitchen.com/collections/chocolate, https://squirrelsisters.com, https://www.gomacro.com

Compression Socks: https://www.funqwear.co.uk/woman/support-socks-sheer-n-chic/compression-knee-highs-harmony-15-18mmhg-ladies

GoPro: https://shop.gopro.com/EMEA/cameras/

Beauty: https://www.vichy.co.uk/mineral-89-serum, https://eu.bjorkandberries.com/products/deep-forest-face-mist




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  1. David Phillips
    May 22, 2019 / 11:23 pm

    Very Wonderful!! Thank You for a super interesting post about Aviation. You have the best blog Maria👩‍✈️.

    • May 22, 2019 / 11:25 pm

      You are the sweetest!! Thank you so much for your words 🙂

  2. May 25, 2019 / 2:56 pm

    Hejsan Maria Lirdag Och Newbie/=Tony Skriva och Halsa Dig fran uk ..Du** Tycker om sa mycket Din Vlog.Blog och Bilder Sidan De ar Awesome.. Ni ocksa ar Sa Snalla/Sot/Vackert..And So Endearing with a Lovley Personality ((I like)anyways Enjoy Helgen Catch Up Snart Halsingar Fran Uk Liverpool&toe xxx

  3. Janek Andersen
    June 17, 2019 / 5:50 pm

    You “squint” your eyes when looking at the sun 😉 Twitch is more something you do when you’re nervous or annoyed.

    Wonderful blog. Your passion for this life and aviation is so radiant and contagious. Really enjoy reading your posts and the amazing pictures. Reminds me what adventures are hopefully to come. Student pilot myself, halfway through ATPL.

    May the winds be at your… well, nose.

    Hilsen fra Roskilde, Danmark

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