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I put myself in a bit of a tricky situation writing the description to my latest youtube video…. ´for more information go to pilotmaria.com´and realized I hadn´t finished this post! Apologize for any typos that might follow with me rocket speed typing this! I decided to dust off my YouTube channel. I mean, I spend probably an hour on youtube every day watching other channels so thought I get my own going, I love YouTube! So Every week, ideally on Tuesdays a new Vlog will be shared on my youtube channel youtube.com/pilotmaria see the latest vlog here: link and my IGTV @pilotmaria This week I didn´t manage to finish it in time, but for next week, set your reminders for Tuesday or simply turn notifications on. 

I have decided to start doing weekly vlogs, I wanted to do something to connect and engage better with you and also let you see a little bit of what goes on ´behind´my account, the things that don´t always make it to my Instagram feed. This is my first vlog! I would LOVE to hear your feedback, what you want to see more of, but also rookie mistakes that I can do better. For every vlog, I like to compliment it with a short blog post where I explain a few things or share, like in this vlog recipe to my ´Sweet potato and red lentil curry dish´ that I prepared for my lunch boxes that I take with me to work.


Questions that I asked:

  1. What would you like me to vlog about, what would you like me to include for next vlog? (if you haven’t seen the vlog watch it here: link )
  2. What are your thoughts about juicing cleanse/diet? I´ve never been on one and always been against them, juicing fruits and veggies take away all the fiber and leave you with sugar and vitamins, vitamins that your body won’t absorb anyways, it will take the vitamins that it needs and the rest will leave your body naturally.
  3. What is the difference between a mixer and a blender?


Sweet potato and red lentils curry:

One large sweet potato

Red Lentils

One can of cut up tomatoes

Curry (I use Indian Spicy)



One full Corn

Garlic (unless you´re planning on kissing someone, garlic have your breath terrible but taste so good!)





How to:

Cut the sweet potato in three pieces, leave the skin on in the oven 200 degrees Celsius (390 Fahrenheit)  for about 45 minutes.

Take the cut up canned tomatoes to a low boil and add lentils,  and celery.

Put curry and garlic in a pan (this I have heard brings out the flavor in curry better)

Add the curry, garlic mix to the tomato, red lentils and celery mix.

Add coriander, corn, salt, and pepper let it boil under low heat for about 40 minutes.

I don´t use measure how much I use of each, please watch my vlog to see approximately how much I put of each, watch it here: link



If you have any questions please comment below, comment on my Instagram @pilotmaria or on my YouTube channel! youtube.com/pilotmaria


Until next time!

xx Maria




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