Hello, gathering the most common questions that I get through my Instagram @pilotmaria. I´ll keep updating as more questions come in xx


Where are you from?

I grew up in a small village 30 minutes from Gothenburg Sweden, my parents still live there and I still call it to ‘go home’.


Am I too old to become a pilot?

I could write a full blog post on this, if I do, I promise to leave a link. No…it is never too late for a career change, how many do you know that have stayed with the same job their entire working career, it’s never too late for a change. You can fly commercially until you’re 65 (EASA) even if you at the age of 45 decide that you want to become a pilot you can still fly for 20 years, twenty years!! 20 years ago I had a crush on The Hanson brothers and pretended that I was Melanie C from Spice Girls, 20 years is a long time! 


What should I study to become a pilot?

Copy paste this sentence ´Piot training, airline pilot instead of xx insert the area where you live, I don’t say this to be lazy but Google will give you a better answer than i possible can, I studied at South Sweden Flight Academy and SPU, Svensk Pilot Utbildning I don´t have experience from any other fight school so it would be wrong of me to recommend any. When I decided what flight school to go to I used Google, made phone calls and went on so-called recruitment days. 


Where in the US or Canada should I study? (yes this is one of my most asked questions 🙈😆)

I have no idea, I’ve never studied in the USA nor Canada. I don’t even fly under the same regulations as they do so they do, FAA, EASA.  Listen to @pilottopilot podcast where he interviews different pilots that most of them have been through their training in the US.


What camera do you use for your travels?

I use a Sony Alpha 7iii, GoPro Hero 7 and Sony RX100 vi


Can you give me a European citizenship?

Sorry, we don´t run that kind of business here. 


Will you Merry me?

Nope, this is not how I imagined my future proposal to be like lol 


How old were you when you decided to become a pilot?

I was 24  read ´My route to the right-hand seat´here: link


How long have you ‘Been on Instagram’

Just over three years officially, before that I had a private account I barely used. 


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  1. Andreas Wehn
    December 26, 2018 / 8:27 am

    Hi Maria, an interesting post. Nice picture of you from your plane. LG Andreas

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