#LiveUnforgettable – a true Waldorf Astoria experience, Maui Hawaii

During my recent stay at the Waldorf Astoria in Maui, Hawaii I got to design my own ´Live Unforgettable´experience at the resort. As the food lover that I am, we decided that I together with Chef Mike @mikelofaro would create my very own Ulu fruit poke bowl. In collaboration with The Waldorf Astoria link

Did you know that poke has actually nothing to do with raw fish, that is a common misunderstanding, but to ´poke´something simply means to cut something in squares, and that is what we did with the Ulu, or as some might call it, the breadfruit. I don’t like to call it breadfruit, ´bread´does not do the fruit justice as bread is something often associated with unhealthy and the Ulu fruit is everything but, they  believe that it will come to be the next superfruit to hit the market, it is a great source of antioxidants, calcium, omega 3 and 6, potassium, protein, and vitamin A and C to only mention some of its benefits, they also believe that this magic fruit could end world hunger, the  trees are very easy to maintain and can bear an abundance of fruit for decades, oh and did I tell you that it tastes delicious!

I learned that the Ulu fruit normally grows single fruit but occasionally double and that, that is a sign of a strong hurricane season, a week before I visited Maui hurricane Lane was on the horizon, and almost all Ulu fruits grew in pairs, luckily Hurricane Lane never effected Hawaii much. After we picked the fruits and veggies straight from @grandwaileas own fruit garden, it´s funny to think that they have all these amazing fruits growing in the garden and everyone walks right past it, they told me that guests somethings are surprised when they find that you can actually pick the fruits and eat them straight from the tree, finding it hard to believe that you can eat them like that, rather than buy them in the supermarket, but be aware, there are some that you shouldn’t eat so always ask a member of the staff before you start chewing.

If you watched my latest IGTV video you saw a little competition that we had ´Who made them. best poke bowl´ If not watch it here: @pilotmaria IGTV I think I got lucky,  I watched chef mike make his poke bowl first and then copied parts of his and made some changes, like I am crazy about ginger so it came naturally for me to add tons of it, do you like ginger?

If you watch the video on Instagram make sure you watch it until the end and see me struggle to open the champagne bottle, I guess popping champagne bottles are like fireworks to me, I don’t like the surprisingly loud noise and to be honest it almost scares me a bit.

Thank You @waldorfastoria for my Unforgettable Memories at your Maui resort Grand Wailea and thank you @kirstyrwilliams for being the best manager coming with me and helping me capture everything, you’re the best.

In my poke bowl I had:

Ulu fruits

Avocado (obviously 😜)

Spring onions

Chili oil


and Ginger

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