My new Sony a7 III

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Week one in London and holy cannoli did I just have the best happiness moment ever! Yes, it’s very materialistic, and I am normally not this materialistic but when you find the best ever camera match, a camera that you feel that you can build a lifelong (okay aggravating just slightly) relationship with you just have to celebrate!

For a long time, I’ve been searching to find a  camera to opt my game with and one that I feel deeply connected with (okay, yes I talking about a camera…but still). I’ve had my Canon 70d for quite some years now but I felt that I was holding back to the memories that the camera gave me, rather than me improving my photo skills, so even if it gave me the best memories and generosity towards he who gave it to me I had to let go (yes, again, talking about the camera ).

For a long time, I thought I would stick with Canon ‘because I know how it works’ and I had decided on a 5d Mark III. I actually found a used one online that I wanted to buy, with a nice pack of lenses and for ‘only’ Euro 3500 😳 but still, Euros 3500 for a used camera is still a lot, and I hesitated because it is still so much money. I took a couple of days to make my mind up…it didn’t feel like a 100 percent match, but I thought it was my best option so when I finally picked up the phone three days later to call the guy, he had already sold it, destiny one might say.

I started watching hours of YouTube videos comparing cameras and especially comparing mirror vs mirrorless since for me, traveling as I do, luggage space is always an issue, I always thought I ‘had to have a mirror camera’ that was the thing, right? Until I found one video comparing the one with the other and I was introduced to Sony!

I have a lot of friends shooting with Sony, it has always been a Sony a 7s II for videographers (which I am not, but I´d love to learn more about video, I´m actually more into moving pictures than I am still) and Sony a7r III for photographers, and I got confused about which one to choose… I watched a video comparing the a7s II with the a7 III and then read an article comparing it with the a7r III with the a7 III (to be honest, I didn´t watch just one video to make up my mind, I watched hours of videos, because that is what I do, I do my research) And to clarify, we are talking about three different Sony cameras here, the a7S II, a7R III and the a7 III. I finally decided which on that was the perfect match for me, it was the a7 III. It was like the a7s and a7r got together, made a baby and this 2000 pound baby came out, way cheaper than the Canon 5d that I was looking at, a 5d new costs about Euro 4000, a lot for an ´Instagram Photogropher´

I thought I could easily find an a7 III (I am in London after all) but every shop that I called had preorder (told me I was number 100 or 200 something) or didn’t have it yet, the majority didn’t even know that Sony released an upgraded a7. After calling at least 10 different shops and searching online for it, I literally jumped in joy when I found a store in London that had it in store ( on Strand 98. I quickly got dressed and run to the Stansted Express, I had to spend about 30 quid for the train, still worth it.

I’m not gonna go through all the techs on this camera, let’s face it, I don´t know enough about that (I will leave that for the pros that I have linked below), but I know that it takes amazing photos and videos, buttons and menus are upgraded and it has a USB C port, which surprisingly a lot of cameras, if any full frame camera has it, so if you like me is using a MacBook, latest version with only type C ports, you won’t need an adapter! Dual SD cards, I’m thinking of using one for video and one for photos, if I want to edit a photo quick for Instagram, I can take the photo SD card, get the photo on my laptop and give it some TLC in Lightroom and boom – posted! That gives me the ability to post more real-time photos for you on my Instagram and from now on you can expect better photo quality. The camera does also have wifi, so I probably won’t even have to bother with taking the SD card, I can just wifi transfer it to my laptop. I will still use my GoPro hero 6, of course, that is my go-to gear and I love my action camera that fits everywhere, has easy access and that everyone can use (pro or newbie) I feel that these two together will make my kit complete and I feel so happy about my decision, it was destiny that the Canon 5d that I originally wanted to buy last week was already sold, the Sony a7III feels just right – I’m in Love. 

Here are some useful links if you are looking to upgrade your camera to a Sony and also where I bought mine:

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