Out of Base, Milano – Bergamo

I have just finished my fourth day flying from Milan, Bergamo and headed back to Sicily for exactly nine hours only! Pack to get as much as possible with me to Sweden where I at my mum and dads store all of my stuff until I have settled down in London. I don’t think to fall asleep once I get to Sicily will be a problem after flying one of the networks longest flights, Tenerife, and back, the only problem is that I need to pack everything before I do so. 

Day 1 Milano: I flew to Milan one day earlier to do some exploring, it’s not my first time in Milan but it was forecasted rain in Palermo and Milan showed sunshine, so I thought why not an ice cream at Duomo, instead of rain in Sicily. I spent the day strolling around the streets of Milan, just taking in how beautiful this city is and how well dressed all the people living there are, I understand why Milan is called one of the Fashion Capitals in the world! I ate lunch at ´Flower Burger´a vegan lunch and dinner hang out and I had no idea just how popular this place was, I had it recommended from you guys through my Instagram and I am so happy that you did! People were waiting for an available table or took their burger take away and sat in the grass outside eating it. I tried their ´Spicy Cecio´a chickpea and barley patty burger, onion tartare, tomato salad, spinach and spicy sauce. I ordered an extra ´Vegan Aioli´made with coconut oil and garlic (to die for, absolutely amazing!!). I can not recommend this place enough, to describe it as delicious would be an understatement, it was freakin amazingly delicious heavenly good! oh and did I mention that they have burger buns in all rainbow colors making it the best Instagram photo friendly place 😜 

I walked 30 seconds one block down to Mantra for a vegan ´cheese´cake dessert, I was already full from my burger but these were so pretty looking and tasted just as amazing so I couldn’t resist. The friendly staff working there let me try their fresh pressed juices and my favorite became the ´Yellow ZEN´made with fresh orange and ginger, you all know how crazy I am about ginger and that I believe that it´s the cure to basically everything. They sell these juices freshly pressed every morning and you can get it as take away or drink there. Next time I am back in Milano I definitely want to go here for dinner, my ´Cheese´cake was so creamy and the best vegan and raw cake that I have ever tried! Enough about food, you all want to read about my flying….it´s just, food is such a passion in my life so I had to share this with you, now let’s go flying!

Day 2, Day 1 to Fly: I flew with a great Captain from Estonia, we were scheduled to fly a four sector day, Alghero in Sardinia and Budapest in Hungary. But the French ATC, Air Traffic Controller was on strike and because we were crossing french airspace flying south to Sardinia over Corsica we were issued a so-called Slot Time delaying our departure from Bergamo, in the end, to not delay the flight to Budapest they called in another crew to operate that sector and back. I had a great day flying just Alghero and back. I have only landed there once before and that was whern I was based in Stockholm, Skavsta during my line training, such a pretty approach and landing it was only us there getting what felt like VIP treatment. Back in Bergamo I took the 45 minutes bus ride to Milano and met up with Michelle @dutchpilotgirl. I´ve known Michelle for some time now through social media but we have never met in person before. It was a quick coffee, as Michelle who is also a pilot were called in on standby and had to leave after just half an hour to operate a flight later that day. But it was enough time to see what a beautiful person she is and we decided to reschedule and meet some other time. Michelle has an incredible Youtube channel (link) so we talk about maybe do something together for our YT (link to mine here), let us know what you would like us to talk about, pilot training, females in a male-dominated environment or just flying in general?

Day three in Milan: I got the taste of being a long haul pilot flying to Las Palmas. I flew with a Captain that used to be based in Palermo, my home base so we had a lot to talk about and the day flew by in what made the 12 hours feel like minutes. Great day and lots of new energy from the 20 degrees something (68 something Fahrenheit) sunny Gran Canaria. 

Day four: Changed from a four sector day to a two sector day, which I did not mind at all, I prefer two sectors, I’ve already done my fair share of four sector days in Palermo, where we mostly fly short four sector days. Four sectors are great if you’re new and want to do as many takeoffs and landings as possible, but I do an average of 20 takeoffs and landings a week so I prefer the longer, more relaxed flights. With a sector, I mean a route, a ´leg´ as some call it, for example, from Palermo to Rome is one sector, or one ´leg´.

Day five in Milan: Day four flying and going home. Don´t forget to change to summer time! The night I know I will for sure have a restless sleep, worrying about oversleeping the next day by an hour. This year I decided to leave faith to Apple, trusting that my iPhone would automatically change to summertime, it always does but I would normally set my alarm an hour earlier just to wake up and make sure that it has changed for the correct time, this year I didn´t as I was on early shift and getting up as early as I do on early days, I didn´t want to lose another hour of sleep. I always keep a wrist watch that I know can´t change by itself next to my bed so that I can compare it with my phone when I wake up, still, it´s always as confusing. I didn´t oversleep and today I would fly to Tenerife and back. I used to be based one winter in Tenerife so it was both exciting and nostalgic to fly there again, I´ve not been back since 2015. We had tailwind flying there, helping us arrive over half an hour early, meaning that we would have a longer turn around before departing back to Bergamo, we enjoyed getting some vitamin C from the sun that’s always shining over the seven islands of continuous spring that the Canaries Islands are often called. After everything was set up and briefed for our return flight I ate lunch and read a chapter in my book. I flew with a super nice captain that made a long day enjoyable. 

Now, to Dublin for a day, then Gothenburg, Sweden for one day and back to Sicily for two days before my last load of stuff leaves the sunny island of Sicily that has been my home for the past three years. I was told ´You cry twice when you go to the south, once when you get there and once when you leave´ I never thought that I would stay here for this long and it is definitely sad to leave even if I know that it is the right choice for me. I love Sicily and I will defiantely come back for holiday sometime, but it´s not a place for me to live, being a non Italian speaker the social life took a hit even if the people here are the most friendly, and I have been able to communicate pretty well using ´google transalte´or pictures to explaine what I am looking for in the grocery store, but I look forward to being able to go to a restaurant and ask questions and they will actually understand me, don´t get me wrong, here in Sicily they try and we always have a laugh when I try to explain something using bodylanguage or my very limited italian.

I can´t wait to take you all with me in my next chapter in Life, London – here I come!



Where I stayed: La Rocca B&B 

Food: Flower Burger

Food: Mantra Raw and Vegan restaurant 

Michelle @dutchpilotgirl: Instagram

Michelle @dutchpilotgirl: YouTube 



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