Avocado Mash

Most of you know just how crazy I am about Avocado, so I decided to share some of my favorite recipes, and here is probably the easiest one to make, Avocado Mash.


Time from the start until served at the table: Less than 10 minutes

Price: Depending on the avocado season but approximately 1-2 euro in total.


All you really need is an avocado, I added some spices, salt, and chili to mine, decorated with tomatoes (yes, I forgot to take the after photo, I was just too excited to eat it all 🙈 sorry).

The Avocado is perfect when the ´ Avocado Butt´easily comes off. Half an avocado is enough as one serving and if you want to store half an avocado, do so in the fridge with the kernel, it keeps it from getting brown, but if it does turn brown don´t throw it away, it´s normally just the top layer that you can easily remove with a knife, never ever waste avocado haha

I eat mine on a ´Pane Integral´ whole wheat bread and Soya butter.

Hope you like it, let me know if you need explanation, tips or tricks or anything.

Bon Appetit


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