#IWD2018 – To all women

I never saw it as an obstacle to be a woman in a male-dominated profession, I never saw it as a male-dominated profession, to begin with. I grow up in Sweden, where we have come, not all the way, but a long way recognizing that gender should not limit us.

I don’t think I ever knew just how lucky I was, when I started my Instagram in 2015 I realized that it was not the same everywhere, I already knew that it wasn´t, but I never realized just how different it actually was. Young girls would write to me, and still do,  with a dream to become pilots, but were told by the society they grew up in that they can´t, that they can´t because women don’t fly airplanes. Their dream was torn apart for the only reason that they were born in the “wrong” body, nothing else, just a body.

International Women’s Day has been celebrated as far back as since 1909, but never before have we been given the same opportunity to share this movement with the world, through our own personal social media we are today able to get our voice heard and share it with the world, snowball effect everybody together.

My wish today is that together we can make a change, let no one grow up thinking that they can´t do something because they are born a girl, I want everybody to be given the same opportunity, whether it is to be a pilot or whatever your dreams might be.


Heres to some of the strongest and smartest women I know, My mother, Sister, and Niece. I love you all so much!

And Malin, @flymalin and Maria @mariathepilot thank you for always lifting each other up! I don’t know what I would have done without you two!




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