Pilot VS Family

Pilot vs family, do you really have to choose? I posted this picture today, then I shared it on my Facebook page and Twitter with captions that defined time and space, that inspired me to write this blog post.

If you could live exactly where you wanted, would you stay where you are or would you move elsewhere?

As a pilot, you have to be ready to move, few flying jobs have the luxury where you can sleep in your own bed every night. As a-low-hour new educated pilot, finding your first flying job is not easy! I say it again, just to make sure that you understand,  N O T   E A S Y!  You have to be ready to move wherever they offer you a job, and whatever airplane! Not everybody gets to pilot a Boeing 777 as first gig (or 737 😉) There are plenty of newly educated pilots eager to get out there, fighting and ready to move anywhere for a chance to see our beautiful planet from above.

After you have been flying for a few years and got yourself a couple of thousand commercial flying hours in your log book, your CV moves an inch higher in the meter long pile of applications that the major airlines have, maybe, but only maybe then can you stand out from the crowd and ask for a position closer to home, that, of course, will never be a guarantee.

My latest pictures inspired me to this blog post, it’s the daytime as I write this, but night time on the other side of our globe. If you have a family, relationship, friends, it’s not only distance that makes things complicated, but also the fact that when one is awake, the other is sleeping, when you sit at home with a cup of hot tea and want to FaceTime, the other has just begun his or her day and getting ready to go to work. Sometimes it is more complicated than just distance on a map 🌍

I get the question over and over again ´can you have a family when you are a pilot´ I promise that one day I will write a longer post about this, we’re just touching the surface. If you are a pilot or you have plans to become one or maybe you are dating a pilot or any other occupation that requires you to travel for work. My answer is always the same: You have to be quite an independent person and not be scared to be alone from time to time. Even if being a pilot is THE best job you can possibly have, in the end, you will spend a lot of time on your own, as well as your loved one at home will spend a lot of time on his or her own, so, before you start chasing your dreams of surfing clouds you have to know what you get yourself into. In the end, if you ask me it´s worth it ten times over, and as they say, love has no limits but nor has the sky.

That’s all for this Sunday, enjoy and have a magical week ✨


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