2018 Bucket List!

I always had at least one New Year’s Resolution, in hopes that ´New Year – New Me´ would give me the motivation I needed to change things for the better, but about 80 percent of all New Year’s Resolutions fail before the second week of February, and I have never managed to keep one even for that long. Younger I always had a New Year’s Resolution to stop eating sweets, it seemed to be something that everyone did – be healthier don’t eat sugar and get a new gym membership hoping that if the New Years Resolution didn´t motivate me enough, the money that I spent on my new personal trainer would. 

One of the reasons why I could never keep my New Years Resolution was that my two best friends, Anna and Saras birthday is on January 24th and they always celebrated with a delicious cake and sweets, so that was about as long as I could  keep it, 24 days, also, I always cheated and ate sweets after midnight on the 31st so basically I didn’t even last a day or not even an hour for that matter.

This year I decided to not make any New Year’s Resolutions, instead, a ´2018 Bucket List´ with realistic goals that I hope to achieve in 2018, of course, going to space or become a Disney Princess is obviously also bucket list items but I had to be realistic 😉 

In no specific order, I want to do everything equally much!

# 1 Rock climbing, already done this, tick off January 1st, 2018, yeay!! 

# 2 Visit Exuma Bahamas and ´The Pig Beach´ (Travel + Leisure

# 3 Get my PADI 

# 4 Go on a surf trip and learn how to surf 

# 5 Celebrate Christmas with my family (being the first in many years if I manage to get this time off).

# 6 Fly in a Hot Air Balloon

# 7 Visit Toronto, Canada. Last year I met amazing people from Toronto, plus that I have family there so I think it’s about time that I pin it to my travel map.

# 8 Fly in one of the ´Vertical Wind Tunnels´things. 

# 9 Fly in a Glider Airplane (@stabilizer_motion, Kurt, I am still waiting for your invitation! ) 

# 10 Sand Dune Buggy

# 11 Camp in Yosemite one more time, I was in Yosemite October 2016 and I absolutely loved it, I would love to go back there in the summer, maybe do some climbing now when I have this new hobby of mine (and eat tons of ´it’s it´ Ice cream, you can only get these West of the Rockies and they are Gelato heaven!)

# 12 Visit at least one new national park, sleep in a tent and cook over an open fire (aka eat Marshmallows and Smores)

# 13 Get better to keep you all updated on my Youtube channel, at least 15 videos this year, YES!

# 14 See wild leopards in their real habitat, (leopards has always been my favorite animal, though, I obviously love all animals)

# 15 Visit Australia, since I was about 7 years old and for the first time could point out Australia on a map I always wanted to go, I used to ask my mum ´why do I live in Sweden where it’s cold, when I can live in Australia with all the animals are and where it’s warm 😂)

I could continue this list forever, there is so much I want to do, but I have to be realistic, 365 days in 2018 and I have to save some of the fun for 2019!


Let me know your Bucket List, comment here or on my Instagram @pilotmaria

Happy Sparkling 2018! Look forward to seeing where this will take us.

X Maria



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