L O N D O N calling

It is with mixed feelings that I say goodbye to Sicily and Palermo that has been my home for the past three years.  

Sicily is beautiful, my paradise island that will always have a special place in my heart, but as a non-Italian speaker, it has been difficult to meet friends here ( I know, I should be fluent in Italian, I’m just not a language person) I give up sunshine and beaches, for rain and miserable gray so that I can build more of a social life

In Sicily I have my own apartment with two terraces overlooking the ocean and mountains behind, I am giving up all of that for a house shared apartment in London. But I know in my heart that it´s the right choice and I can’t wait for my first flight in the Boeing 737 as a London based flight crew member. 

I never thought I’d be so excited for a transfer to London, being one of our biggest and most hectic bases, a huge change from Palermo, that is a small three airplanes only base, where everybody knows everybody, in London, I´ll be lucky if I fly with the same crew twice.  I know that it will be a challenge, but an exciting one! 

Saying all of this, the benefits make up for the missing sunshine, and I am so excited to live in the same city as @insanityhq, where there will be so many more opportunities for me, also it is only a two-hour flight from my hometown Gothenburg, so whenever I feel homesick I can jump on a plane and be home to hug my mum the very same day, (you might remember my commute from Palermo which was a 16 hours, three flights, and that if and only IF I could even get home at all).

I can not wait to make London my new home!

I need your help, I am currently looking for:

A yoga studio

Healthy cafes and restaurants

….and if there are a Whole Foods or similar somewhere 🙂

Leave a comment here or on my Instagram @pilotmaria.

lots of love, 



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