Last rays of summer shine

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It was already October, but one of those late summer days in London, when the sun fought through the what felt like a forever layer of gray clouds and remind us all that it will be a summer next year again, the kind of day that you take with you to the darkest winter night when your mind needs a vitamin D boost.

I was happy that I could wear one of my absolute favorite dresses from @freepeopleuk one last time (yes I was also wearing a big warming coat that I took off me for the sake of the photos 😆 ) before it goes into the wardrobe until next summer….or who am I kidding! – that one is coming with me on my next sunny vacation, which hopefully is not too far away. I matched it with my super chick dark red boots from @riverisland to make it more of an Autumn styled look.

All photos taken by my favorite @michaelatphotos Styling by @laurenshergs Thank you so much! You are simply the best!!

Thank you Jack @mister_jcr from  @avedauk for getting my hair in order in a stressful, windy London, you are the best and you do MAGIC! My hair is chemically damaged from doing highlights about every 6 weeks and one of my absolute favorite series of hair products is Aveda’s `Damage Remedy` which not only makes your hair super smooth and shiny but actually repairs it! It also smells like heaven, but that goes for all Aveda’s products! Love Love Love them!!

xx Maria


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