Insanely FUN! Flying a 1930s Vintage Airplane!

Cesare Leonardi sent me a message on Instagram and asked if I could help to promote Corrado and his Instagram page the @yellowtmoth a page where they try to gain popularity for the chance to join the @vintageairrally, a rally with around 15 selected antique aircrafts. Judged on popularity and engagement they will have the chance to become one of the chosen aircrafts to participate in the race, taking them from the southernmost part of Argentina to Florida in the US a race that takes about 52 days, you can read more about it here. (link)
I relied on Cesare that I might be able to do one better, standby one second. I’ll get back to you. At the same time, I called my two best friends Malin and Maria and asked if they wanted to go to Fano, Italy with me and fly a vintage airplane from the 1930s! The Boeing 737 that we usually fly is around five years old so flying an airplane almost 90 years old was a big difference, yet the same – the instruments are somewhat more modern in my 737, but in the end, the principle of flying the plane is the same. When I received the question on my Instagram what did I prefer, ‘The new modern machines’ or the ‘older vintage aircrafts’, I would have to say vintage…all day long!
Maria and I went on a road trip to Fano, unfortunately, Malin could not join us this time, but next time it will be all three of us again!
Corrado told us how he at the age of five, saw this exact aircraft at an airshow in Switzerland and fell in love. 30 years later he saw that it was for sale and he knew that he had to buy it. It is Corrado and Cesare’s dream to participate in the Vintage Air Rally! Even if we did not speak the same language as Corrado, Cesare helped us to translate from Italian to English and without having to translate words we could see Corrado’s love for aviation and the passion in his eyes. If Marias’ and my engagement on Instagram, YouTube, and our social channels can help Corrado and Cesare to get to the Race, then it is a job done for me – I have no words to describe how happy that would make me. Follow this link (click here for video) for their video entry for the competition and give them a big Thumbs Up, your support will help them, massively.  I promise to keep you all updated via my Instagram if they get into the rally!
I would also like to add a side note that Maria nor I have been paid anything to promote this, it is all out of the good heart and our love for the aviation community.
xx Maria
Written by me,
Edited by Kirsty Williams, thank you!!

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