48 hours in Vienna, Austria

It’s my first visit to Austria’s capital and I wish I could have stayed longer, the purpose of the trip is still confidential, but I cannot wait until I finally get to share with you the exciting news of the secret project that I was in Vienna to shoot!

My manager Kirsty flew in from Los Angeles and me from Palermo. The first day we worked a 12 hours+ day, it was non-stop but I had so much fun that it was easy to forget that it was actually a working day and the twelve hours flew by in a flash. Later in the evening the whole team from the shoot had dinner and together we were over twenty people, twenty new friends in my life 🙂

My flight back to Palermo did not leave until later in the afternoon the following day, Kirsty was so sweet and changed her ticket to London from the morning to the afternoon so we could explore Vienna together.

We started the day with breakfast at our hotel, The Guest House @the_guesthouse_vienna – shortly after we indulged, upping our sugar intake by sampling the iconic Sacher Cake, from Cafe Sacher, a classic and a ‘must try’ when visiting Vienna.

I got super excited when Kirsty told me that she had been in contact with The Spanish Riding School (link) in Vienna and they offered to give us a private tour around the stables. We met ‘Kitty’ one of their 72 Lipizzaner Stallions. Did you know that Lipizzaner horses are dark gray at a young age and change to a lighter white coat the older they become. Only one in one hundred remains dark and it is said that those who remain dark in colour bring good luck to the stables. The school in Vienna was founded in 1572 and is the oldest of its kind, the training for the ‘master riders’ takes over 10 years! Thank you, Andrea Kerssenbrock and Markus Nowotny for taking the time to meet us and for showing us around!

I could have spent days in Vienna and still not have seen everything, I appreciate all of the tips which you sent to me about what I absolutely should not miss. Despite the pouring rain we still managed to fit lots in, but the next time I go back I will try to stay longer so that I can explore all that Vienna has to offer.

Charla Carter, @charlactr from the styling team (styling team from the secret mission Kirsty and I were on ;)) and Charlotte Neuwels @charlotteneuwels were so generous to let me borrow some of the outfits we ended up not using for the shoot so I could feel fashionable while strolling the streets of Vienna!

The first outfit is a body from School Rag @school_rag and imitation leather pants from @topshop

The second outfit is an absolute dream skirt from Elie Saab @eliesaabworld together with a white shirt from Caroll and an chic striped overcoat from Zara @zara.

Let me know if you have any questions about anything mentioned in this blog post and please leave a comment on what I should see on my next visit to Vienna!

Maria xo


Written by me

Edited by Kirsty Williams, you are the best!!

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