One Day With Elle!

You can only imagine how big this opportunity was for us and how excited we were when Kirsty, my manager emailed to discuss a partnership with Carrera for Elle USA! Elle is one of the world’s biggest fashion magazine and I grew up reading Elle and I still consider myself to be a faithful reader. I never miss an issue, for me this was a BIG deal!

And to add to the excitement of getting to shoot with a full team from Elle, one of my absolute  idols (ok, heartthrobs!) Jared Leto, the lead singer in `30 seconds to Mars’ is also an ambassador for Carrera sunglasses, who had asked us to join them for the shoot. This made it even more special, almost like Jared and I are destined to become best buddies, ha-ha, joking (not joking!)

It’s an honor to represent female aviators around the world, but it’s not just about being a woman and flying an airplane. The article presented to us, which we would be involved in, was around the subject of “Breaking Barriers” and taking risks, daring to dream and make reality of what you thought was impossible. I’d love to see more women in aviation and I hope I can inspire through my Instagram account to increase the current 5% quota.

We were picked up at our hotel, the WPHSouthBeach, by our private driver (how fancy is that!! haha) and then we drove to Fort Lauderdale airport to the Execuflight hangar, the location for our photo shoot.

This was nothing I had experienced before, can you believe that there were a total of 18 professionals here for us?! It was absolutely unreal, we had a makeup artist, a hairstylist, a stylist, photographer @jasonkimphoto, assistants, plus the editorial team and producers from Elle. I had never considered exactly just how many people were involved in creating these fashion stories for Elle, that I have been enjoying for so many years!! It was insane from the second we walked into the hanger, but in a good way!

Spending the day on set with the team was long and at times pushed me out of my comfort zone, but it was incredibly fun. Even standing in front of the camera, sweating in the Miami humidity, whilst trying to look cool as ice! The whole experience gave me a complete new respect for how models make this their full time jobs, you assume it to be glamorous and easy, but it really is anything but. Luckily Jason Kim the photographer was a complete pro, and made the girls and I feel totally at ease and comfortable, with him behind the camera.

I loved the first pair of Carrera sunglasses with the classic “Aviator” design, which I got to model whilst wearing my pilot uniform. I love my pilot uniform and when I put it on, I enter the role of ‘professional pilot’, First Officer Pettersson, who flies 200 passengers in a Boeing 737 at 38.000 feet to their destination somewhere in Europe. But it also makes it difficult for me to relax in front of the camera, because this outfit has such a professional association for me.

In this picture I am wearing Carrera Sunglasses $149 from, Jacket and trousers from $375 and $425 – which is probably the most expensive thing I’ve ever worn, I have to admit I was terrified to spill coffee all over the outfit, which would have been just typical of me, haha!

At 10pm that evening, our driver (still so fancy) picked us up and drove three exhausted girls back to their hotel and we fell asleep like three little princesses with new memories and experiences which will stay with us for life!


Styled by Isabel Dupre, Makeup by Euridice Martin, Hair by Mark Williamson.

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Thank you so much the whole team from Elle for making us feel so special and to @kirstyrwilliams and @pete_ohara for being there with us! Love you lots!


Written by Maria Pettersson

Edited by Kirsty Williams


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