9Royals Final 2017 – South Tyrol

GoPro family adventures Part 2 – 9Royals Final – South Tyrol

The adventure continues! I know that I promised you my video from my Mountain Biking adventure on my last blog post and it is coming….next week (sorry).  I was too excited to edit the videos I had from our ski day, that I couldn’t wait (youtube.com/pilotmaria). During our day on the slopes I got to try out the new Karma Grip Extension cable (KarmaGrip) och since they released the products earlier this week I thought it was a better fit to have this post for today, so I hope you don’t mind….The mountain bike video is coming 🙂

It was more than 25 years ago since I last stood on a pair of skies! My first and only time skiing was in Hemsedal in Norway when I was just a little girl and I almost flew off a bridge (an adrenaline junkie already back then, haha) At the start I felt a bit like Bambi on ice, but as Ersep (@pilotviking) said, maybe Scandinavians are born with skies under their feet and it felt like I got almost to grip with it. I loved it so much and I have certainly got a thirst for more! It’s the end of the ski season here in Europe, so I need to find somewhere else to go, any tips on where to go skiing in the month of July or August?

We got up early that day, all of us super excited for the ski day and later on we were eagerly awaiting the 9Royals final (@nineknights) The whole atmosphere was magical, the professional skiers and snowboarders had been there for the past week playing around on the slopes. I was most excited to meet Emma (@emmadahlstrom_) and Jesper (@jespertjader) whom I have been following on Instagram for quite some time and I actually felt a bit starstruck and shy tbh 🙂

Later that night we all went to the 9Royals gala dinner. It was like no other dinner I’ve been to before, the community, atmosphere and Good Vibes that the athletes, photographers, event planners etc etc had built up during the week was amazing! Flying in from all over the world and getting to do what they all love, skiing and snowboarding! Definitely something I would want to come back to for next year, hopefully by then I be advanced enough to move from the kids slopes to the real ones 🙂

Now I’m super excited to get my mountain bike video done, stay tuned for that! Next week I´ll have it up, that’s a promise 🙂

Have an amazing weekend!!

xx Maria




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