GoPro family, 9Royals – Day 1

Getting ready for GoPro family meet up at 9Royals ( in north Italy. I am so excited for this event. It will be super fun to be around amazing people, that are just as crazy as I am, never scared to push that extra mile or jump the higher obstacle, always following their dreams, they inspire and motivate me so much!

I took 6 flights in less than 24 hours! I had a meeting in London on the 28th and was seeing a friend for lunch (@hell_flyer), being so “close” to Sweden, I couldn’t go back to Sicily without giving my mum and dad a hug, so I headed over to Sweden and picked up my ski gear at the same time. Back to Sicily to pack for my trip to South Tyrol. I then had a 15 minutes connection flight from Gothenburg to Palermo via Milano, this is normally not a problem for aircrew, but we were delayed leaving Gothenburg and I missed my connection in Milano, luckily there was an other flight four hours later, it was 20 degrees Celsius and blue skies so I didn’t really mind waiting, I sat with my laptop in the sunshine with a frozen yogurt and did some editing.

Back to Palermo and I had to quickly pack everything before heading to bed to be well rested for the next mornings journey. I took a non stop flight with Lufthansa, Palermo to Munich and met up with the rest of the GoPro family at Munich airport. From there it was approximately a four hour bus journey to South Tyrol. Luckily I am getting pretty good at packing and always follow the same routine, I organize my toiletries with my make up in one bag, with my shower gel, shampoo, moisturizers in an other. I pre separate the liquids to go in my hand luggage so I dont have to do that in the security at the airport. My Gears and cables goes in one separate small bag. As I’m sure you guys do too, I hate it when cables and cords are everywhere tangled into one and other.


I already knew a few of the other influencers who were attending this event, but there were some new faces and some that I have been stalking on Instagram for quite some time, well I’m a fan of other influencers accounts too!! @literallyanika flew in all the way from Dubai @jcpieri and I knew each other from September last year when we both attended the Karma and Hero 5 release in Squaw Valley, California. @desch_pictures from France @fjellfalck from Norway and @jackboothby from the UK were all new faces. Jack runs the successful Instagram account @cabinfolk that just makes me want to escape reality to a cabin hidden somewhere deep in a forest, to get away. It was really cool to meet @kelluuy and @goannapro from Germany that I have been following on Instagram for some time. @jose_bodyboard flew in from Lanzarote, we knew each other from the California event, he is such a cool guy and I was really happy to hear that he was coming to this event too! Espen, @PilotViking has one of my favorite nature accounts, he takes amazing photos of the beautiful nature in Norway together with his Alaskan Malamute @fenris_the_vikingdog. It was my first time meeting @bienvoyager a french travel blogger, plus you must check out the beautiful Instagram account from Italian @__romano_federico__ and @_teocolombo both from Milano. Gorgeous and warm hearted Alis @alisinworldland and always happy Mollie, @molliebylett. Mollie and I were actually at the same event in California but it was such a big event that neither of us remember that we met before. We are both represented by the same agency Insanity Group ( and I look forward to working with Mollie more on future projects.



We stayed in a family owned, friendly Hotel Edelweis ( and I shared apartment style double room with Anika (@literallyanika) Edelweis is in the small village of Schlinig and its population almost doubled when we were there 🙂 It was absolutely gorgeous, waking up every morning to the beautiful views of the Alps.

The 9Royals finals were held in a snow castle on top of Watles, 2557 meters above sea level. There was so much snow and it was freezing on the mountains and more than 20 degrees Celsius down in the valley… From Mountain Biking in a t-shirt one day to skiing in double layers the very next day.

I am so excited for tomorrow and just want to fall asleep so tomorrow can begin. We are meeting for breakfast and a small introduction at 08.30 am. After that mountain biking! I am so excited! My Gopros are fully charged, SD cards empty and power banks on 100 percent. See you all tomorrow stay tuned for the video from my mountain biking adventure!


Good Night!

XX Maria


Thank you!




One thought on “GoPro family, 9Royals – Day 1

  1. Hi Maria, I follow your adventures with passion. I am also a pilot, but just in general aviation, and I am new to gopro even if I have a broad experience with photography (@denocris on instagram)! Now I am based in Trieste (I am working in Theoretical Physics) but I fly both here and in Brescia, my own town, taking in the sky a lot of friends! I hope to see you somewhere in the sky! Best, Cristiano 😉


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