Gili T – Welcome to Paradise

Bali part III does not even take place in Bali, but in Gili Trawangan, a 90min boat ride from Bali. It is my second time to Gili T, my first time was in 2010, when I did a solo backpacking trip around Indonesia. It is easy to fall in love with the island and its beauty, remembering my first visit, I had planned to only stay for a couple of days and I ended spending almost two weeks there! This time we only had three days unfortunately, before Linda and I had to catch our flight back to Europe. ‘Adult life’ was calling and I had to get back to work, if I could have kept exploring and travelling across these beautiful islands forever I would happily never work another single day in my life, but alas, this is sadly not possible – I have to work to save up for my next exciting trip, there are still so many places I wish to visit in this beautiful world of ours.

This video (full video on my youtube: and post was the most difficult for me to edit and write. Like when you read a book, that’s just SO good, that you don’t want to read the final chapter, fearing it to end. I feel just like that, feeling like my Bali trip is coming to an end when I finish editing this post.

Gili itself belongs to Lombok and consist of three islands, Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Tawangan. Tawangan is the biggest of the three and has been named the “party island”. Mt friends and I opted to stay at beautiful Giliyoga ( run by Kate Moddelton (not the British princess, but certainly a princess of yoga and freediving)

@katemiddeltonyoga she is a NZ Champion Freddriver (@freedivegili) and Yoga teacher (@giliyoga) Every morning we got up at 7.30 am to join Kate for morning yoga, a perfect way to start the day. Followed by breakfast at @thebanyantreegili we enjoyed overnight oats, with smoothie and coffee 🙂 I am already planning on coming back for a freediving course and more yoga as soon as my schedule allows!

There are no cars or motorbikes on the island, the only way to get around is either by foot, bicycle, hours or donkey 🙂 Renting a bicycle costs you only a couple of dollars a day and I would definitely recommend doing so, you can get around the entire island in approximately  one hour.
On the South Western side of the island we found the most amazing paradise beach, Malibu beach ( during the day it was very chilled and there were only a few people and then as the afternoon headed towards the sun setting, the beach became busy, with people arriving to watch the beautful sunset over Lombok, the mail island with Gn.Rinjani in the distance.
A lot has changed since my first visit, it was a lot busier on the island now and I noticed a younger crowd, or maybe it is just me getting older!! I remember bringing a flashlight wherever I went because they used to cut the electricity every night at 10pm, now there were lights on 24 hours a day. Either way it was still amazing and I will definitely go back for a third visit sometime in the future.
I write these last words with almost a tear in my eye, but at the same time, I am filled with so much excitement of what is next to come, having made friends for life and with a content heart filled with wanderlust.
“Gili island is a free zone away from all stress we are constantly exposed to”
Bali, Gili T, I´ll see you soon again! Bobby, Pete and Tony, I´ll see you in Riga 🙂
Good Vibes Only
xx Maria

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