Paris so much fomo and my favorite girls

I have just returned from Paris, it was my second time visiting the city, my first time was in 2009 with one of my best friends Daniel. I was so excited to be returning a second time to the wonderful city of lights, especially with my two best friends Malin @flymalin   and Maria @mariathepilot  , oh and not forgetting Pete! @pete_ohara

We were lucky enough to stay in the beautiful  @hotelricheoanse ( in one of their luxury suites, on the top floor with a balcony view over the city. It took us approximately fifteen minutes before the place was upturned, with camera gear everywhere, champagne corks ‘popping’ making sure our Paris adventure got off to a celebratory start.

We didn’t waste much time, after a glass of fizz we headed over to The Louvre ( just before the sun set for the evening. Followed by the one thing I had been looking forward to, for like forever, Macaroons at Laduree ( I selected a super cute, pink Champagne flavoured macaroon, covered in glitter, but before I could take a second bite Pete swooped in and ate it all… hahaha!

Later that night we had dinner at the iconic Buddha Bar (, the food was outstanding! Both Maria and I had Thai red curry, but not nearly full we order a second dish of sushi followed by dessert – a delightful chocolate fondant…heaven! The best thing about our evening at the Buddha Bar, was of course, the company but also our amazing host! A young Parisian waitress who impressed upon us just how much she loved her job, by showing us the best experience ever, whilst offering us tourist tips for the following day, a big thumbs all round up for this restaurant!

A beautiful spring day greeted us for DAY 2 in Paris. It was 20oC with clear blue skies. We made plans the night before to leave by 9 am the following morning, but as you could imagine with three girls in one suite, sharing bathroom, you know that even with the best intention this would not be possible and by 11 am we were finally on our way to the Eiffel Tower ( or the Paris Tower , as Malin kept referring to it as ( you are SO sweet).


We Had lunch at Deli Cieux, a fast food restaurant on top of The Printemps Galleria. I know some might say we should have gone for something more traditionally French whilst in Paris, but for the view this really is a ‘must see’ place and the burgers were amazing and totally affordable, which was a bonus!

That evening we had dinner at Café The Chocolate (yes, dinner at a restaurant with Chocolate in the name van only end one way, lots of desserts!). Again Paris impressed me with just how friendly everyone is. Out waiter at this restaurant was a blast! We had such a great experience thanks to him, we were having so much fun that we had lost track of time and almost 11pm we had to run to the Eiffel Tower to catch the light show. Every hour the Eiffel Tower had a show of flickering lights for five minutes, it really is a must see. We almost made it all the way, but running after a full meal (with wine and dessert!) was not our best idea! So we decided to stay and watch the show at midnight too.
The girls and I had three amazing days together and I am so excited for out next adventure! Next up in May – I can give you a little teaser – it involves Fighter jets in Riga! I cannot wait, no words can describe how excited I am for that! I promise to keep you all updated through my Instagram @pilotmaria
Until next time!
Lots of Love,
This is the best video yet! Full credit to Pete O´Hara, @pete_ohara

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