Bali Part 2 – Beaches, Ubud and Unicorns.

Bali Part 2- Beaches, Ubud and Unicorns

Day 2  Settled in our Airbnb home (airbnb), Villa Chamade in Seminyak, taking late midnight swims in the swimming pool while planning tomorrows adventures.  Full video on my youtube Bali Part 2



Day 3 Best way possible starting the day by jumping in the pool before breakfast, scrambled eggs and coffee became our thing. We started our days relatively early, having so much we wanted to do before catching yet another stunning, amazing sunset at the beach.

We went to this amazing Balangan Beach and Nyang Nyang beach for amazing drone and scenery shooting. I have travelled quite a bit and seen paradise beaches, lost count long time ago, but never before have I seen anything like Nyang Nyang beach, it was surreal. It is almost as if I don’t want to share it here, wanting to keep the beach a secret to myself, it is still relatively remote and untouched by tourists. 

Day 4 Ubud and Monkey forest. Having Ubud and Monkey forest recommended by many of my Instagram (pilotmaria) followers I was so happy that Bobby, Pete and Tony had the same plans for shooting there. It was so pretty! I have never seen so many different, bright colours of green before, it was as green as it can be. The monkeys could have showed Jacqueline (thecrazyplatelady) some better hospitality peeing all over her, stealing her paint and almost getting Bobby’s beer, cheeky little monsters 😉

Ending the day with jumping in the Tegenungan Waterfall, one of my absolute highlights throughout this trip. There are so many highlights, the company being my absolute favourite and getting my gorgeous hand painted plate. I can not believe I have a plate, designed and painted by the same artist as celebrities like Al Pacino, Grahan Elliot (as a huge Master Chef fan, that is a BIG deal) and Morgan Freeman, who she has personally delived the plate too! She is such a beauty and sweetheart, I am so happy to be able to call her my friend, I see you in Toronto Jacqueline! 

Day 5 Rest day, ice cream and walking around Seminyak, had an amazing dinner at Motel Mexicola Bali (MotelMexicola) Bobby you always know the best places to go! I had such a blast here and amazing food! (can´t believe Linda missed the standing on the tables tequila shots hahaha #fomo)

Having my childhood and best friend by my side all the time, Linda your patience deseves a gold medal!

I can´t wait to get next video and blog post ready for you, I think next one is the one I am looking forward to the most to edit and I can’t wait to begin. Next stop Gili T, Lombok.











5 thoughts on “Bali Part 2 – Beaches, Ubud and Unicorns.

  1. Interesting blogpost! In the first video, I can only see 42 seconds, and after that I hear only the music. Is it my problem or a general problem of the video?
    Many greetings from Germany and after the holidays: Always Happy Landings!


  2. this was a very fun read….I am going to Bali too in June, and thanks for sharing so many good places there. Besides, later this year, I will be heading to somewhere to learn flying for the first time… and hope I’ll be seeing you soon somewhere on this planet 🙂
    Keep smiling 🙂


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