Bali Part 1 – First time, til Linda gets there.

I have so much to share with you from my trip to Bali and Gili T, it was impossible to keep it to one post only, So I decided to divide it into three, Part 1 being first time I met Bobby, Pete, Tony and Jacqueline, until Linda gets there. Linda is my childhood- and one of my best friends. She decided to join us for Bali just a week before going and I couldn’t have been happier that she did, never before been abroad together and hopefully many more times to come. For full video visit my Youtube (pilotmaria)

It all begins with packing your bags, this time I promised myself that I would do it well in time just to make sure I wouldn’t forget anything. But as always, I left it last minute and packed the night before leaving rushing it all and forgetting bits and pieces I wish I would have had with me, never mind though, I survived. I was told once to half whatever I planned to take with me and double the money to bring. You always end up wearing not even a third of what you pack but somehow you always end up spending more money! 🙂

I left Sicily early morning the 15th to fly to London for a meeting and later same day catch a flight with the brand new Qatarairways (Qatarairways) Airbus 350 to Doha. The aviation geek inside of me was super excited to fly with the 350, but as always I ended up sleeping most of the flight so couldn’t really enjoy the luxury.

I had a 50 minutes stop in Doha to get my flight to Denpasar, Bali, landing just before midnight and met at the airport by Pete and Tony to later catch up with Bobby and head towards our Airbnb (airbnb) villa in Seminyak. This place was amazing and Bobby did the best job booking it. Four separate bedrooms, me and Linda sharing and the guys having one each, with a huge swimming pool in the middle of the garden and a jacuzzi.

First day, before we picked up Linda at the airport we spend the day at Potato Head Beach Club (Potato Head) with Jacqueline (@thecrazyplatelady) and her boyfriend, to later catch the most amazing sunset at W hotel Bali (WBali) before heading to the airport and pick up Linda.

This is just the beginning, tomorrow we are heading to the most amazing beaches around Bali and next day to Ubud and monkey forest, video to come 🙂

@bobbyksa @pete_ohara @tonyedgar @thecrazyplatelady @thesephyr for amazing drone videos!

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