It is lucky day Friday the 13th and I boarded my flight from Sicily to North Italy, fashion capital Milan.

Every six month we as airline pilots have a simulator check to make sure our proficiency, in normal and non normal situations are up to standard, and that we are up to date with standard operation procedures. Normally we have three systems we specialize with every check, this time it was flight controls, electrical and landing gear. Flight controls and electrical are both relatively great size systems, and it took me a lot of reading and studying to go through them. I might be one of few that actually enjoys going for my annual checks. Don´t get me wrong, I am a nervous wreck, after all it is a check and we will be judged on our performance. But I love learning new things and that is exactly what I do during the check. It all went very well and I was happy with my performance.


I stay a couple of days to explore Milano area, took the shuttle bus to the city center. This was my second time in Milan, first time was fashion week over ten years ago with one of my best friends. People of Milan are so well dressed and they all look like a super models taken from a Versace commercial.



Took the Metro to Duomo Milan and played it real touristy with my selfie stick in front of the Cathedral. Three underground stops away is the beautiful park “Parco Sempione” with Castello Sforzesco and Arco della Pace. The underground (Metro Milan) is fairly easy to get around with, a day ticket cost Euro 4.50.


You simply do not go to Milan without having an Ice Cream from Cioccolat Italiani it is Gelato art at its best! Almost to pretty to eat, but of course I ate it 🙂 I went to the one just outside luxury Galleria Vittorio Emanuele ii, on Minus four degrees Celsius (25 Fahrenheit) outside but still tasted just as delicious….and it didn´t melt for the fifteen minutes I was taking pictures of it.




I love nature and think the Alps in North Italy are just amazing! I always wanted to fly single engine airplane around the area and Pasquale (@pasualeflightofficial) was kind and generous to go fly with me in a single engine Cessna 152. Leaving Bergamo flight club ( ) ten in the morning and flew around Lago d’Iseo. It was absolutely stunning, mesmerized by beautiful scenery!


Routing back to Bergamo, BGY airport for landing it felt strange hearing all the company callsigns being cleared to land runway 28. Normally I am the one sitting in a Boeing 737 looking for the VFR traffic. It will put a smile on me next time I fly to Bergamo and hear  I-ORYO call sign check in on the frequency.



It was definitely worth staying the extra days in Milan, even if it meant I had to rush back to Sicily, stayed home for ten hours, repacked my bags and headed straight to Munich for my Pro7 interview on the 19th. Blog post about that will be up next week and I promise I will share the link to my interview as soon as it goes live. Sneak peak of Munich and Lake Walchensee below.


Thank you all for your read,feel free to leave your comments below and hit the follow button 🙂 Lots of Love, Good Vibes Only!

2 thoughts on “Milan

  1. Your story and the adventures you take are very inspiring. I have always wanted to fly since I was a little boy, and reading your story has made me reevaluate my current path. I am 45 years old and have been a firefighter for 22 years, and I think it’s time to make those childhood dreams a reality. You have made a difference in my life, thank you. Be safe.


  2. i follow you for over 1 year and i love your story’s . So fly the world for us and do’nt stop telling your story ( i hope you under stand me )
    gr. leo


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