California and Arizona!

Finally…..only took me a month to get this ready to post, sorry about that 😉

I was so sad when I put my watch back on after being home for a week and realized that the time was still set to California, PST. I had such a great time travelling around California and Arizona back in November.

On November 6th I flew as a passenger on a brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner departing Dublin International airport 06:00 in the morning taking approximately ten and a half hours landing in Los Angeles later the same day. I stayed at an Airbnb ( ) in Venice my first week. Sonu, my landlord  was an amazing host and we became good friends. He made it feel like a home and I could not have asked for a better start of my vacation. I met for the first time Rachelle, who I know through Instagram, we have been following each other for more than a year now, she is such an amazing person! It amazes me how Instagram can connect people who are complete strangers to each others and make it feel like we have been friends forever.

I know York Gallander @iflyheli from a Gopro event back in September and we decided to catch up for a helicopter ride when in LA. We met at Hawthorne airport, had lunch and flew the coast out to Catalina island. Flying only a few hundred feet over the sea. Somehow, even if there is a lot more to think about when flying a helicopter it seems to makes more sense, I love the freedom to be able to hover over stunning views or just land and take off wherever you want (almost ;)) I am forever grateful to York and his wife for so generously taking me flying this day.


A few days later I met up with another IG friend I met earlier this year hiking in Yosemite. We share the same interest for photography, hiking, camping and adventures so we decided to make our way to the Grand Canyon. On our way we stopped in Joshua Tree national park (, I absolutely loved it there. You all probably saw the Supermoon back in November? Well, I saw it in Joshua Tree where there were no artificial lights, just the moon. It was like walking around in daylight, like sunrise twice in one day.

Grand Canyon, setting the alarm to have plenty of time to catch the sunrise over the canyon sounds easier said than done, especially when you forget the one hour time zone change from California to Arizona! Being two pilots on the road, this felt like a total newbie mistake. We still managed to get there in time, and pilot newbie mistake number two….noDCIM102GOPROG0205960.JPGt checking the weather properly, forgetting that Grand Canyon has an elevation of 8000 feet and strong winds. The temperature at the South Rim was four degrees Celsius (40 Fahrenheit) making it feel like minus ten with the winds. I was wearing the same kind of clothes as I was back in Los Angeles, Converse and yoga pants! Big mistake and it took only a couple of minutes until I completely lost feeling in my fingers and toes and they started to shift color. Watched the sunrise and then had breakfast at The Grand Hotel ( ) on the Southern Rim. Sitting in the Canyon Room, we warmed up and watched the sun rise high enough to clear the skies and it turned out to be this amazing, gorgeous day. I put two layers of pants, two pair of socks, double jumpers and a winter jacket on and had to buy gloves just in case 😉 We stayed out all day hiking from the village to Hermits Rest. It took hours, not for the distance walked, but for the beautiful scenery, stopping to take pictures every second step on our way. I loved it so much that I am actually already planning my next trip which will include hiking to the bottom of the canyon ( )

Back in Los Angeles I only had one day before my flight back to Europe on the 22nd. Four flights, 30 hours later I arrived in Tenerife to spend a week with my two best friends, Malin @flymeyoga and Maria @mariathepilot. It was the perfect end to a perfect vacation. Even though I love my job and was excited to get back in the air it was sad to leave and get back to reality. I could spend a lifetime just traveling around not knowing where tomorrow might take me. These five weeks was definitely my top five weeks of 2016 and I will take these memories with me forever.

I almost forgot to tell you about my visit to Sweden. Before crossing the Atlantic I spend a week in my hometown, Gothenburg, Sweden, with family and friends. Watch autumn turn into winter in just one day, from strong colorful autumn orange and red to snow covered white fields. It is beautiful that we have such strong contrasts in seasons in Sweden, my favorite will forever be summer! I make you a Gothenburg blog post next time I go home. What would you like me to write about from my hometown?


Have an amazing day and Happy New Year! Please leave your comments below 🙂

13 thoughts on “California and Arizona!

  1. Hi Maria, What an interesting, vivid and lively reminiscent of your vacation in California and Arizona. Thank you for sharing it. Please write about your neighbourhood, school, college, nearby markets and visiting attractions in your home town in Sweden in next blog.


  2. Hello, Maria! You’re such a great and deep person😍
    You should continue sharing your unbelievably interesting life with others no matter what!


  3. Great blogpost and fantastic videos! California and Arizona are wonderful places on our earth.
    My favorite places are the Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon.
    Many greetings and I wish you a wonderful 2017!
    Lovely greetings


  4. Hi Ma’am. I’m and great fan of yours and absolutely love the positivity and good vibes that you share. Any chance of visiting us here in Australia?


  5. hi maria , i follow you on instagram and this is the first time on your blog. you are blest with your job it’s hard work but you see more of our beatiful planet . calefornia is great special the grand canyon love it. wish you and your fam happy new year. leo.


  6. Hello Maria!
    I’m one of your followers on Instagram, your blog is really cool. I appreciate you sharing the awesome sites and places you’ve been to! You live an awesome lifestyle. Sending good vibes your way, and happy New Years.


  7. Ever since I was a little girl I had the greatest obsession with planes and travel. I’ve now grown to want to be a commercial pilot and ever since i found your account on Instagram I’ve been deeply determined ever since. You are such an inspiration to me Maria and I wish you luck with what ever is to come on your amazing journey! I will always be inspired ✈️ – Danni lewis // Adelaide, Australia


  8. Hi Maria!
    I’m one of your followers on instagram
    I dream to be a pilot,because I love fly so much,then i see you on instagram,I am inspired by you
    Thank you for inspired me
    Your blog is really cool by the way..


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